My Favourite Book Paragraph for All Classes

I am a book lover; I think book reading is a really good thing. Everyone should read books. Today I am going to share a few short and simple paragraphs on my favourite books. I hope you will love these short paragraphs.

My Favourite Book: Short Paragraph (100 Words)

I have read so many books in my life because book reading is my hobby. I love reading books. Even we have a personal library in our home, my parents both love to collect books. And we have a really big collection. Among them, my favorite book is ‘The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is my favorite writer. I have read almost all of his books. Sherlock Holmes is my favorite character among them. Dr. Watson is also a really interesting character in this book series. I fall in love with detective stories when I started reading Sherlock Holmes.

My Favourite Book: Paragraph (150 Words)

I am a book lover and love to read books a lot. We have got a family library in our house because my parents and my siblings also love to read the book. Today I am going to share my most favorite books ever. In my life, I have read so many books that I can’t count but there is one book which is always special for me and will be special always.

That is ‘Robinson Crusoe’ by Daniel Defoe. I invented Daniel Defoe as my most favorite novel writer after reading Robinson Crusoe.  The story of these books amazed me, I was thrilled and it was a real feeling for me. The book is really thrilling; you will love every single angle and concept of the story.

Reading such a long book, I never felt bored. Daniel has magic in his writing because there is suspense every time that you will love to find a solution. I love this book very much.

My Favourite Book Quran: Paragraph (200 Words)

Books guide us to know more and more things. There are so many great books in the world is written by so many writers. But the Quran is a holy book that is from the Almighty Allah. He has sent this book by Messenger, Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). This is not an ordinary book.

This book is the ultimate solution to human life. It is full of science, politics, social things and many more knowledgeable things. There are so many amazing inventions of science that have been guided by the Holy Quran. Lots of scientists in the world has been accepted this book as the best book ever for the human race.

Some of them have been Muslim after finding the true message. Allah has said to recite the Quran more and more, it’s a blessing for us. When we read the Quran with proper meaning and understanding, it shows us the right path that we should follow in this world.

There is no book that has so much complete and in-depth knowledge about human life except the Quran. That’s why the Quran is my favorite book. I love the Quran so much. As a Muslim, I respect this holy book.  

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