Essay on My Father in 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 Words for Class 1-10

‘My Father’ is a very important essay topic for all classes and grades students. That’s why we are sharing all this Essay on My Father for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. You just need to find the perfect one for yourself. We have all the formats essay here. We are even sharing a 10 lines essay on my father too.

Essay on My Father in 300 Words for Kids


My father is the most important person in my life. Whatever I am doing is just because of him. He has the biggest influence on my life. I want to follow in his every footstep. 

But he is a person with lots of virtue that I can’t pursue in my life. But still, I try my best to follow him. Today I am sharing some information about my father here. 

My Father:

My biological father is a typical Indian man with 5 feet 7 inches in height. His name is Navin Patekar. He is a businessman who runs an IT company based in Delhi. But he is very much passionate about this industry, but he never forces us to take the same job. 

He suggests that we should follow our dreams. He is a very inspiring character. There are lots of lessons that I take from his life. He came from a village of UP and he had nothing when he started. 

But now he has made a successful business, bought a house in Delhi and is doing great. After doing all these things he has not forgotten his native village. He goes thereafter every two months. I visit the village sometimes too. 

We have lots of relatives there and I love to spend time with my cousins. My father is very aware of his health and fitness. That’s why he wakes up early in the morning. Then he goes for a morning walk. He is a gym member too. He goes there three days a week. 


That’s all about my father. He is the most important person in my life. I love him a lot. I think my life would never be like this without him. He has the highest contribution to my life. 

My Dad Essay in 400 Words


Every father is special and he is one of the most important persons in our life. Most of the time we talk about the love and affection of mothers for kids. But the father also has a huge love for his kids. 

We ignore that topic most of the time. But I can realize that when I stay with my father. Today I am going to tell you about my dad. He is an amazing person. 

My Dad:

My father’s name is Vinay Kumar. He is a school teacher by profession. My dad was always passionate about teaching and that’s why he has taken this profession seriously. He teaches in the nearest high school, I study in the same school. 

He is a 45 years old gentleman. My father is loved by everyone in the society because of his honesty and truthfulness. I am a proud son of his. He is a very hard-working person. After his job, he works in the garden

We together have made this garden in front of our home. I really feel great when I work in the garden. He is a very regular person following a strict routine. He doesn’t do anything without the schedule. He prays regularly, gets up early in the morning, and does his job seriously. 

My Dad My Hero:

There is no doubt that my dad is my hero. There are so many reasons behind it. First of all, we as a family have faced a lot of hard times, but he was the person who took challenges and faced them with lots of courage and strength. 

I don’t think it would be possible without his presence in my life. He is the best teacher in my life. He teaches me some moral things that are highly important in life. He is the only person in the family who supports financially. 

We are totally dependent on him. His education and suggestion are helping me to become a better person in life.


I think my father is the best human alive in the world. He is popular in the neighborhood because of his honesty. Everyone loves him and respects him. As his son, people love me too. 

That’s huge respect for me. He loves me more than anything in the world and I love him a lot too. My dad is the best dad, no doubt. 

Essay on My Father in 500 Words

My Father Essay in 500 Words
My Father Essay in 500 Words


Everyone talks about the love and affection of a mother in life. But most of the time we ignore the love and feelings for the father in all the shows, movies, and other things. Father is that person who gives us strength and support from the back. 

Whatever we achieve in our life, the father has the biggest contribution to that. Most of the fathers are the ideal person for their kids. I am sharing about my father here. 

About My Father: 

My father is a farmer and we live in a village. He is a hard-working person. I am proud of my father. There are so many reasons why I am proud of him. First of all, I want to tell you about his life. He wakes up early in the morning and after breakfast, he takes all the cows on the field. 

We have five big cows and we make a good amount of money selling milk. Then he goes to the paddy field. He works there till 2 PM. Then he comes back home and takes a shower and eats his lunch. Then he brings the cows back home. 

And sometimes in the early morning, he takes milk from the cows. In the afternoon, he goes to the village market to buy all the necessary things. Then he comes back home. He goes to sleep at 10 PM. He is living a very simple life. But he is a hard-working person. 

He is an honest man and that’s why all the people around us believe him a lot. Everyone gives him respect and loves him. Our neighborhood is amazing. Everyone helps each other in need. My father is also very helpful and dedicated to the people. 

Why My Father is a Hero?

I consider my father as a hero. There are so many reasons behind that. The first reason is he is the only person who makes money for the family. We are seven members of the family, but only he is supporting us financially. 

We four siblings are students and he needs to spend a good amount of money for us every month. It’s not easy for him. But he always does that successfully. I can’t even imagine how hard working he is. He is a peaceful person who loves to live peacefully. 

He never buys any expensive things for himself. He tries his best to make us happy. I feel lucky and great to become the son of him. I have never seen a person that much dedicated to his family. 

His biggest dream is to make all of us educated. And we are dedicated to making his dream true. We have great bonding. He shares everything with me. 


I think my father is the person I love most. And I know he also loves me a lot. He is the most important person in my life. Whatever I am doing has been possible because of his contribution in my life. 

Essay on My Father in 600 Words

Essay on My Father in 600 Words
Essay on My Father in 600 Words


My father is a person who came from a very poor family and he succeeded to become a successful businessman. He is an inspiring character for me. I love him a lot and I love to talk about him. Everyone’s father is a hero for them. 

Father has some amazing contributions to our life that anyone can’t contribute like this. Everyone loves their father, so do I. I am going to share all the information about my father. 

My Father:

My father’s name is Sanjay Sinha. He is a businessman. He has a very inspiring story. He was from a very simple village located in Bihar. He came to Mumbai when he was only 20 years old to pursue his college education

But he has ended as a successful mechanical engineer and then established his own business based Mumbai. I am a proud son of his. In the beginning, he did lots of hard work and faced difficult challenges. 

He managed to overcome all the challenges and became a self-made successful person. I follow him in every step of my life. He has been an influencer for me and for lots of youth in our area. He is an honest person and well known in society. 

He has a good fan following on Facebook. He used to join different seminars and give speeches. Everyone loves him a lot because of his honesty and dedication. 

He is My Role Model:

My father is the biggest role model for me. I follow him and I love to learn different things from him. He woke up early in the morning and I followed him. This habit changed my life entirely. I realized I get a long day to do all the work when I am an early bird. 

We go for a walk together and at that time we talk about different things. He always inspires me to do my best. I love to listen about his business and all the stories about his failure and then success. He shares all these stories with me. 

Importance of My Father in My Life: 

It is not possible to describe in words how important a father is in his son’s life. I can’t imagine a single day without my dad. I always want to keep myself with him. He is my inspiration and motivation. 

I love my father most in the world. He also loves me a lot. Whatever he does all day, but at the end of the day, he finds time to spend with me. We always have good times. 

Sometimes we play different types of games. When he stays on leave, he takes me out, sometimes we even go to watch movies. He loves watching animation movies, because of me. 

Things I Learned from My Father:

There are lots of things that I have learned from my father. The first thing is hard work. He always tells us that nothing is easy in life. You have to work hard to achieve something. And I believed in this quote. 

I know I have to work hard to make my dream come true. He teaches me to become honest and kind. He is very helpful and I follow him. 

I love to help poor people too. I know luck could change anytime, and I can be on a different side overnight. So I have to be nice with the poor people. 


That’s all about my father. He is a living legend and a great personality for me. I get lots of inspiration from his life. All of his success stories give me goosebumps and end of the day, I want to become a successful businessman like him.

Essay on My Father in 700 Words

Essay on My Father in 700 Words
Essay on My Father in 700 Words


Father is that person who sacrifices all of his happiness for his kids. My father is not different. My dad is a very simple and happy person. He is the most important person in the family and we are going ahead because of his support. 

I can tell that he is acting like a pillar of a huge building. I have lots of things to tell about my father and I will share them here. My father is a superman, a hero, and a role model for me. Always followed him and I never regretted that. 

My Father:

My father’s name is Jahid Hasan and he is an accountant in a government office. He is very fond of his colleagues and other officemates. He is known in our area because of his honesty, dedication, and a hard-working person. 

He loves working. That’s why he spends most of his time doing things that add benefit to our life. I am a happy boy and my father is a happy family, all that has been possible just because of my father. His contribution is uncountable for the entire family. 

We all are having a good life because of his hard work. I always feel special about him and feel proud to have such an amazing dad. He is always super busy due to office work. But still, he finds time to play with me and take me out. 

He is a movie lover. He loves watching old cinemas. When he gets some free time he starts watching them. The whole family goes to watch a movie in the theatre sometimes. He has some amazing hobbies and he is very passionate about all these things. 

My Father is Different:

I can claim that my dad is different from others. I have some good reasons. When I was a kid, he started acting with me as a friend, and still, now we are the same. I think he has been able to keep that bonding between us strongly. 

He is the only person who is earning in the family, but he never showed any ego or any anger to anyone. He is a soft-hearted person, but when he faces any challenges he can face that with lots of strength and courage. He was a great student in his student life and made himself successful by all his hard work. 

My Father is My Hero:

He is a hero for me. I have loved to follow him since childhood. I feel great when I see my father and think about what he is doing. A couple of years ago, my village faced a huge flood. My father went there with a huge collection of food and medicine. 

He worked there for almost a week and distributed them to villagers. He took the initiative on his own and worked very hard for that. I can remember, when he came back he was extremely tired. He loves to help people and work for society. He is connected with lots of social welfare groups too. 

My Father as a Friend:

He is a good friend too. I can share all my things with him. From my childhood, I am sharing everything. And that has made everything easy between us. We don’t have any gap. He is always a smiling person and he loves to spend time with me. 

It has made us closer. I also enjoy spending time with my dad. She shares different types of stories and moral things that help me to grow better. I have realized in my life that all of his words came true. That’s why I always obeyed him and I never regretted because of that. 

Why Do I Like My Father?

There are so many reasons that are why I love him. First of all, he is my father and my best friend. He is the most important person in the family. 

Whatever I am doing now is just because of him. He is a person with a smile and never a complaint. He supports everyone and gives the courage to fight against all odd things. 


I love my father a lot. And it’s not possible to count the son’s love for his father. And I know my father also loves me a lot. I think he is the best dad ever. 

10 Lines Essay on My Father

Read in this essay on my father in 10 lines for all class students. 

1. Father is the most important character in human life. He has the highest contribution to a son’s life.

2. My father is an ideal father that I follow every time.

3. His name is Jahid Ahmed and he is a school teacher.

4. My father is 45 years old and his height is 5 feet and 6 inches.

5. He is a very hard-working and honest person. 

6. He is very good at his profession. 

7. I love him a lot and I know he loves me a lot too.

8. He is the person who is making money to maintain the family. 

9. I love spending time with him.

10. I learn lots of things from him. He is my hero. 


How can I write about my father?

If you want to write about your father, you need to think a bit. It could seem hard at the beginning but when you will think a bit, you will find that it’s a very easy and simple topic to write about. We have provided some amazing examples. They can give you some ideas to write about your father. 

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