A Paragraph on Mobile Phone for School Students

Mobile Phone Paragraph

Mobile Phone is a device that helps us to communicate with people without any connection of wire. It’s the ultra-modern version of Radio. Radio came out with the idea of wireless speaking and sending a voice message.
Nowadays everyone is having a mobile phone on their hand.

You have got one for sure and I am also having one. There was a time when people used a mobile phone only a device to call or send a message to someone. But now, its a lot more than just a way of communicates. Smartphones show up with so many unique and awesome features that will blow our minds.

There are three major versions Java, Android, and iOS for mobile. Java and Symbian are pretty much expired and now it’s all about Android and iOS. Google owns the Android platform and there are millions of mobile apps or software available in Play Store for Android devices. iOS is owned by Apple and their mobiles are known as the iPhone.

Their platform is also very famous; you can find your important apps in iTunes. From a calculator to word processing software, everything is available on mobile devices now. People are innovating new apps every day and these are solving so many problems of us.

And ultimately mobile is helping us to be smart, learn new things and stay connected with peoples. That has brought opportunities in businesses as well. People are using the internet and being connected with so many other people and build the scope of business. There are so many online shops and websites where people can buy their needed products ordering online and paying online with their mobile devices.

Most of the banks have started online services, with their own app; you can manage your bank account. It has been easy, secure and accessible for everyone. A mobile phone is saving thousands of hours of time every day. So we can tell that the Mobile Phone is nothing but a blessing for mankind, this awesome creation has taken part in our life as a major important tool. Of course, it has good and bad sides, we need to accept it as a good side and need to use it for improving our life.

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