Paragraph about Load Shedding

Paragraph about Load Shedding | School Writings

Load Shedding Paragraph in 200 Words

Load shedding means a certain time when the electricity supply got stopped. It is a very common problem in our country. Most of the cities and villages face this unbearable problem. There are so many reasons behind load shedding. As a lower development country, we are facing these problems often.

The main cause is there is not enough electricity production and that can’t meet the demand. We don’t have the proper amount of power plants here. The government should build more power plants for producing more electricity. Misuse and wasting of electricity power is also another big reason.

There are so many peoples who are wasting electricity and they can’t realize that. We should stop wasting and learn how to save electricity so that we can use properly. Load shedding brings so many problems in our life. Students can’t focus on their studies. The bad people get a chance to do their criminal activities.

So many companies and mills got stopped due to low electricity supply and that is the cause of the low production of needed products. The good news is that our current government is working on this issue.

Load Shedding Paragraph on 100 Words

Load shedding is a very common problem in our country. Most of the people have to face this unbearable problem. Mostly in rural areas, there is a huge shortage of electricity. Due to government initiative, lots of people are getting a new electricity connection but the service is really worst.

There are different types of losses happening all around the world because of it. The students can’t study without light at night. It is a very big problem. There are lots of shops, malls, and factories which are dependent on electricity. They face financial loss in the time of load shedding.  


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