Leisure Time Paragraph for School Students

Here are a few Paragraphs on ‘Leisure Time’ for all classes’ students. If you are a school student then these paragraphs are really important for you. You should learn them. And don’t forget to share them with your kids.

Short Paragraph on Leisure Time (100 Words) for Class 1, 2, 3, 4

Leisure time is actually meaning our free times. As a student or a job holder, everyone spends a busy time in their life. But everyone gets a break from study or work. We address that time as ‘Leisure Time’. So this is important for our regular life to spend some free time. We can spend leisure time doing lots of good things.

I suggest reading books. Because I believe book reading is one of the best habits for humans. It improves our knowledge and personality. You can spend time doing the thing that you like most. Your hobbies could be a good option for you.

Leisure Time Paragraph (150 Words) for Class 5, 6, 7

Leisure time is simply free time when we don’t have any specific things to do. But we still can do lots of things to make our time better. Some of us might watch TV or go out to hang out with friends in leisure time. But there are lots of productive things that we can do.

I am not saying hangout is bad, but there are lots of things that are even better. Painting is one of my hobbies and I love to draw several things. When I was a kid, I thought to become a painter in the future. And still, I have that dream. When I get free time I start painting different things.

You should have some hobbies in your life and I am sure you have. You can try them. You can try gardening, playing music, and reading books or go fishing. Overall leisure time should be a quality time for us.

Leisure Time Paragraph (200 Words) for Class 8, 9, 10

Leisure time doesn’t mean time to waste or spend without any good reason. When we take a break from our work or study then we get lots of leisure time to spend. But we need to be aware that we must do something in those times that help us in the future. I am a book lover personally and I read lots of books.

I have a different time schedule for reading books. When I get free times I spend them reading quality books. There are lots of books that we all need to read. Not only book reading, but you might also have a good hobby. You can spend time doing that.

Gardening is a really good thing to do in your spare time. If you have a good budget then traveling or a tour could be good for you. When you are on a tour it will teach you lots of things. Personally, I travel a lot. I wanted to become a travel writer. I read lots of travel books.

So you can see we can use our leisure time for quality works and can be benefitted. Anyone can do this in their life. So we all shouldn’t waste our leisure time. We should learn something or do something that can make our life better.   

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