How I Spent My Summer Vacation Essay 100 Words

How I Spent My Summer Vacation Essay 100 Words

Here are a few short essays on ‘my summer vacation’. These essays are only 100 words long. I am sure that you will love them. If you are looking for a short essay on summer vacation, then these are really perfect for you.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation Essay (100 Words)

My summer vacation was really awesome. I spend my time with my family. We went into a summer vacation in Bihar. There is my grandfather home. We spend around 15 days there. I did so many exciting things that I won’t forget ever in my whole life. I met with my grandpa after a long time, I love him very much. We had a great time in the nearest jungle. We went there a few times to do camping and picnic. There is a small hilly river near the jungle. I love that scene a lot. I love to spend my next summer there, again.    

How I Spent My Summer Vacation Essay (100 Words)

In my last summer vacation, we spend the whole time is a village near Sylhet, Bangladesh, Sylhet is the most beautiful place in the country. I loved spending time there. My father has a good friend here and he was inviting us to visit his place a long time ago. He and his family have visited us a few times. And finally, my father decided to visit his place in the summer vacation. We went there on a journey by train. I love the train journey. The cutest and amazing thing was the tea gardens there. I loved the place so much.    

My Summer Vacation (100 Words)

I spend my summer vacation in a bungalow in the middle of a tea garden. I went there with my parents. One of my uncles was working a tea estate manager in Darjeeling. We went there to visit his place. I was really amazed and thrilled to see the natural beauty of Darjeeling. I and my few cousins have enjoyed it a lot. We got a car to see the whole estate. There are so many monkeys in the jungle. There is a reserved area for wildlife. We went there and saw so many types of wild animals.    

Summer Vacation Short Essay (100 Words)

My name is Vinay, I am from Kerala. This summer, I visited the city of Joy, Kolkata. We have lots of relatives there. My mother is a Bengali woman and that’s why I have a deep connection with West Bengal. My uncles are living in the main city. Their neighborhood is really beautiful. I spend two weeks there. I have seen so many beautiful places there. I wish to visit Kolkata again. I believe, there are many more things to see. I have got a few awesome cousins, who love to take me several places.  

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