Essay on Good Manners

Essay on Good Manners in 300, 400, 500, 600 Words for Class 1-10

Here are a few essays on good manners in 300, 400, 500, and 600 words for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 students. You can find the appropriate one for yourself.

Essay on Good Manners in 300 Words


Many good manners are there that can help us to get a better lifestyle. We learn manners from our family, school, or society. There is no specific place to learn it. We can learn it from anywhere. We need to add a few good manners in our daily life.

If we can do that them it is possible to get a better life. We can take ourselves in the good book of most of the peoples by following these manners. Let’s learn more about them. 

Good Manners in Home: 

Here are a few manners that we need to follow at home. 


• Respect the elders and love the younger.

• Greet everyone with respect.

• Take care of your health, get up early in the morning, brush your teeth. 

• Go for a morning walk.

• Do some physical exercises if possible. 

• Keep yourself neat and clean. 


• Wash your clothes and other things regularly. 

• Do your own tasks and don’t depend on anyone else. 

• Take permission from your parents before doing something. 

These are the basic good manners that one can follow at home. Following these good manners will bring lots of happiness in your life. 

Good Manners in School:

Let’s see what manners one can follow in school. 


• Behave well with your friends at school.

• Respect the teachers.

• Greet the teachers when you meet them. 

• Take permission when you are entering the class

• Try to do all your homework

• Obey your teachers


These are the good manners that you can follow in school.


These good manners are very important for every student. You need to follow them properly. They can help you to improve your life.

Good Manners Essay in 400 Words


There are many good manners to follow in our life to become a perfect person. By following these good manners we can establish ourselves as a good person in society. Everyone will love you and trust you if you follow these manners. These manners have huge importance to get a good lifestyle. 

Good Manners in Our Life: 


There are many manners in our life these are very important. They play a vital role in our life. We have so many manners to follow in our school and at home. When you are in school, you need to respect your teachers and obey them.

If you don’t do that, you can’t come to their favorite list. That’s why you need to have a gentle behavior with your teachers. Your classmates are an important part of your school life. You need to become friendly with them.

At home, we need to respect the elders and love the younger. There are many manners that make a direct impact on our bodies. It helps us to get better fitness and body. 

How to Learn Good Manners: 

There are many ways to learn good manners. Our moral teachings start with the family. That’s why we learn most of our basic manners from the family members. Family plays the most crucial role in a kid’s life where they give him proper education about manners and habits.

They teach what is right and what is wrong. That’s how a kid starts learning manners. But there are some manners that we learn from society, from friends, and from the school. That’s why we can tell that manner could be learned anywhere, anytime. 


Why Good Manners are Important?

There are so many reasons that are why good manners are important for us. Let’s take a look at these reasons.

• These manners help us to become polite.

• We can live a healthy life.

• They increase our confidence level.

• We keep ourselves neat and clean.


• We can maintain a good relationship with our friends and family.

• People love them who follow these manners. 

• We become favorite to our school teachers and classmates.

• In the workplace, if you follow these manners then you will become trustworthy. That is very important for your job life. 


That’s why good manners are highly important in our life. It helps us in many ways to improve our life. 


Essay on Importance of Good Manners in 500 Words

Essay on Importance of Good Manners in 500 Words
Essay on Importance of Good Manners in 500 Words


To become a perfect person in society, school, family, or in the workplace we need to follow some manners. These good manners help us to present ourselves in front of another person in a better way. That’s we have to learn all these good manners. Here we will talk about some very important manners. 

Some Common Good Manners: 

There are so many common manners that we can follow to get a better life. First of all, let’s talk about family life. When you are living in your home with the rest of your family members, you should follow a few manners that make your family life better.

You need to become respectful with all the elder members of your family. And you have to love the youngers. Before taking any decision, you have to ask your parents and never ever go out without their permission. Wake up early in the morning and go for a morning walk.

This is very important and good for our health. That’s all that you can do at your home. Now if you want to follow the manners in the school then you can follow them. Always try to go to school at the proper time. Teachers love the punctual student. Give respect to your teacher and maintain a good relation with your classmates.


Whenever you meet any of your teachers greet them respectfully. Don’t take anything from anyone without their permission. Tyro to become helpful and help the rest of the class. These little manners will give you an amazing opportunity to come closer to the entire class. 

Good Manners for Health:

Some manners are directly connected with our health. These manners can improve your physical and mental health. The first manner is keeping yourself neat and clean. When you are neat and clean, you will feel fresh and it will give you extra energy to work or study better.

Early rising is another important part of regular manners or habits. When you are getting up early, you can experience the beautiful moment that is not possible to experience any other time. The environment is so quiet and enjoyable. You can focus on any specific task at that moment properly.

Brush your teeth regularly and don’t miss it. It will keep your teeth fine. You need to adopt a healthy food diet. Always try to avoid junk or fast food. These foods kill our energy and make us lazy. Do some physical exercises if possible. They can help you to get a better body shape and fitness.

The best time for physical exercise in the early morning. And that’s why you need to get up early morning. Finally the end of the day, you need to sleep as early as possible. Stay awake late night is very bad for our health and it makes a very bad impact. 



Good manners can change our lifestyle and we get a better way to live our normal life. 

Essay on Good Manners in 600 Words

Essay on Good Manners in 600 Words
Essay on Good Manners in 600 Words


Good manners are some real-life lessons that anybody can learn from anywhere in the world. We need to use some manners in school, at home, and in public places. These manners will build our future characteristics. With our good manners, we can prove how gentle we are.

It also expresses the good side of our character and people will take us positively. They will accept us quickly and will get a good perception of our families. Some little manners can change someone’s entire view about you. Let’s learn about good manners first. 

Good Manners at School: 


As a student, you need to go to school regularly. That’s the place where you spend most of your time after home. So you need to follow some very important manners to make your school life enjoyable. Following these manners will make you a very important part of the class and everybody will care about you.

Most importantly teachers will love you if you follow these school manners. First of all, you need to become respectful to your teachers. Wherever you find them, you need to greet them properly. Before entering the class take permission.

When you are spending time with your classmates, you need to become friendly. Don’t show any type of ego and become helpful. As much as possible help them with their homework and other things. It will improve your mentality and lead you to become a future leader.

Never ever take someone else’s thing without their permission. Try to become attentive in the class and follow the teacher’s instructions. It will make you a good student and will take you to the favorite list of the teacher. When you are in a queue, never push anyone, wait for your turn.

Always greet your teachers, friends, and other people in the school properly. That’s how you can maintain a good view of you in school. These common manners can help you a lot. 

Good Manners at Home: 


Home is very important for us. Because we spend the biggest amount of our time at home with our family. There are many good manners that can improve our family life. By following these manners we can become a good person in everyone’s eye.

Let’s learn about manners at home. Keeping yourself neat and clean is the first thing at home. Whatever you use, you need to ensure they are clean. It can be your clothes or could be a dish where you eat. Early rising is a very important thing. And always you have to get up early in the morning.

It has many good impacts on your body and mind. At that time, you can study better, because it gives you the opportunity to focus better. And then you need to take good food. Don’t eat fast food or junk food. Before going out, take permission from your parents.

When you make any mistake admit it and say ‘Sorry’. Never tell a lie with your parents. And always take care of your health. Respect your elders and love the younger. These are the basic manners to follow at home. Your family life will be amazing if you follow these regularly. 


These good manners have much importance in our life. It adds so much productivity and makes us positive about everything. In school or home, you will be loved if you follow these good manners. Everyone needs to follow these properly to get good characteristics in the future. By changing ourselves we can change the entire world. 


10 Lines Essay on Good Manners

1. We need to follow many manners in our life.

2. These good manners help us to express ourselves in a good way.

3. We can maintain a good relationship with everyone in society.

4. Our family and society teach us such manners. 

5. We need to follow some manners in school too. 

6. From telling the truth to keep yourself clean everything is good manners. 


7. Some manners play a vital role in our health. 

8. Respect the elders, parents, teachers. 

9. And keep a good friendship with classmates and others. 

10. Everybody should follow these manners. 


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