Write a Paragraph on Global Warming

Every students and kid should know about the effect of global warming. It is a threat to the entire world. Here are a few short and simple paragraphs on global warming for the kids and students. They will learn and know so many things about it from these paragraphs.

Global Warming: Short Paragraph (100 Words)

Global warming is an environmental threat to the entire world that we should know about. The world is being hot day by day because of greenhouse effects and its gas. We, humans, are responsible for this. We should be aware of this. Otherwise, the world will be a place where people won’t be able to live.

The level of carbon dioxide is increasing day by day. The biggest reason behind it is deforestation. We need to focus on tree plantation. If you plant more and more trees, it will add oxygen in nature and make the world a better place.

Global Warming: Paragraph (150 Words)

Global warming is a really threatening issue right now for the entire world. The uprising level of carbon dioxide is the biggest reason for global warming. Experts are saying that the world after 100 years will be really hot, which is pretty much hard to live for our future generation.

Most of the reason behind global warming is human-made. We can solve them if we concern about the matter and take some action. We know tree takes carbon dioxide that we leave, and it’s a really dangerous element of the air for human.

When there is not enough tree or plants to take our carbon dioxide, the environment get hot. So we have to handle this uprising level of carbon dioxide. We can do this only with tree plantation. We need to do some campaign and make people aware of the future. So that everyone can save themselves from the problem.

Global Warming: Paragraph (200 Words)

Greenhouse effect and deforestation has been the biggest reason behind global warming. The earth is a beautiful place for a human, but its temperature is being high day by day. This calls ‘Global Warming’. That’s mean the entire world is being warmer. It’s not a good thing for the future.

According to expert opinion, the world after a couple of hundred years will be unable to live in the level of carbon dioxide keeps increasing. Could you imagine, how threatening is this? Our future generation is in deep danger. We have to gift them a better and safer world.

There are still some solutions that could bring some changes. Climate change is one of the biggest reasons behind it. As you are following the seasons are really changing every year, they are changing their effects. Its climate change. The entire world will face this. Few counties will sink under the sea because of that effect.

But still, we can prevent this if we become aware. Most of the situations are made by a human. Several types of pollution and deforestation are the main reason for global warming and climate change. We need to stop it. Everyone should start planting more and more trees. That’s the biggest solution.  

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