Examples of Past Indefinite Tense

Examples of Past Indefinite Tense

100 Examples of Past Indefinite Tense

  Here, we are sharing lots of examples of Past Indefinite Tense sentences that will help every level of students to understand the structure of this tense. It will be easier to practice with these examples. 

• She was the most important person in my life. 

• We played cricket in this field.

• I ate a mango.

• Jesus was the best human of his time.

• She enjoyed the whole movie.


• I loved that movie. 

• They loved visiting my place.

• She went to Delhi and never came back.

• I was the dumbest in the class.

• He loved her but never expressed. 

• He helped me a lot to do my homework.


• I went to a book fair with my father.

• My mother went to her office.

• I didn’t attend the class yesterday.

• She wrote a romantic poem for me. 

• The whole school went for a picnic in Agra. 

• She ate ice-cream.


• Mr. Varun made a change in the school.

• She made the cake for me.

• I cooked food in the hostel.

• I learned English.

• She went to school.

• She paid for the money.


• I rang the bell.

• He ran away.

• She said to stay.

• I saw a bird.

• Varun showed me a beautiful girl.

• She slept the whole night.


• I sang beautiful songs.

• He spent time with me.

• I told him to come.

• Mr. Das taught us English. 

• I thought it perfectly.

• Bangladesh won the cricket match.


• I didn’t understand the lesson.

• He wrote a letter to me.

• They wore a school uniform.

• I swam the river.

• I spoke the truth. 

• She was absent in the class.


• The principal admired me.

• She admitted her guilt.

• He advised me to study more.

• I apologized for my mistake.

• She allowed me to enter her house.

• I acted as a brilliant guy.


• She appeared suddenly.

• I approved her new look for the drama.

• She applied for a job.

• People applauded for me.

• He argued a lot.

• They arranged a big program.


• He asked a few questions. 

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