Essay on a Picnic with Family for Children and Students

Essay on a Picnic with Family in 500 Words

Introduction: Picnic is always fun and picnic with family is awesome. In last summer vacation, I experienced an amazing picnic with my family. That was a memorable life event for me. I will have the memory alive in my heart forever. Let me share my experience and the things that I did there. 

My father was planning for a long time to visit the nearest jungle and do a camp there for the entire day. There is a beautiful waterfall and a hilly river to see. We agreed with him and wanted to visit that amazing place. But due to my mother’s job, we have waited until the summer vacation. Finally, we have done that amazing picnic last week. And that was amazing. Let me share my experience with you.  

Picnic with Family: The picnic spot was almost 2 hours driving away from our home. One of my cousins joined us. She came from another city to spend her summer vacation with our family. We were extremely happy to have her in our team. We were six people in total, my parents, my grandmother, my younger brother, and the cousin who arrived a few days ago. We fixed a date and we were lucky that it was a sunny day.

In the very early morning, my mother waked me up and told to get ready. I brushed my teeth and got ready within 15 minutes. And then we took our breakfast together. We left our house at 9 o’clock in the morning. My father was driving the car and my mother was sitting beside him. We all were in the back seat. After awhile the side view was changing. We started to see nature. After two hours of driving, we reached a perfect place where we can spend the day. The place was very near the waterfall, but a bit away from the river.

First of all, we all went to the waterfall together and played with water. My cousin took me to the peak of a small hillock. That was a great experience of trekking for me because I never had such experience in my life. I thanked my cousin’s sister a lot for that. It was noon and we all were tired. We came to the car and my mom served our lunch. We ate lots of contentment. The food was delicious. My grandmother enjoyed it a lot too. After lunch she walked a bit around with us. We took her near the waterfall. She was so impressed.

And then my father drove us to the river. We saw the beauty of a hilly river in the afternoon. That was looking dreamy and amazing. And then we went back to our home in the evening.  

What I Enjoyed Most: I mostly enjoyed the waterfall, the river, and the trekking experience. I enjoyed a lot in the car while we were going there. We had lots of energy and literally we were shouting. My parents didn’t stop us, because they know we don’t get enough time to enjoy ourselves. Overall that was an amazing experience for me. I will never forget this picnic experience ever in my life.  

Conclusion: Everyone should go for a family picnic. That teaches us lots of things and helps us to get a better understanding with family members. We can see lots of new things that enrich our knowledge and make us visionary.

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