Essay on My School for All Class Students

Everyone loves his school, so do I. Here are a few essays at my school. I hope you will love these essays. Don’t forget to share if you liked them. These are really well written for every class students.

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Essay on My School
Essay on My School 

Short Essay on My School (150 Words) for Class 1, 2

School is the most important place to get knowledge. We all went to school and now I am a student of Delhi Public Boys School. I love my school very much. My school is one of the popular schools in the area. It has a large campus with more than 1000 students. There is a really amazing and beautiful flower garden on the school campus. The main campus has four big buildings. One building is for staff and teachers and others are for classroom and labs. Our school has a good name for doing a good result. Every year we get lots of bright students who do a really good result among the whole education board. Our school principal is a really smart and intelligent person. He is using excellence to make our school better. I always feel proud as a student of this school.

My School: Essay (300 Words) for Class 3, 4

My school is a very important place for me. Everyone loves their own school. We all know that school is a really important institute where people go to get an education. Here I will tell all of you about my school. I am a student of class nine.

My School:
My school name is Mumbai central boy’s school. I am studying here for four years. My school is one of the top and popular schools in this area. The area of my school is really big because it has a really large number of students and teachers. We have a school library in the third building.

We have more than a thousand active students in the school in five classes. Every class is divided into three or four sections. I am a student of class nine and in section ‘B’. We have a total of 30 students in the section. Our school students are really smart and good in study.

There are about 40 teachers in the whole school. I have a favorite teacher among them. He is Mr. Shukla. He is our class teacher and teaches us English.
Our principal is a smart and brilliant teacher; he is doing really well in the field. He is working hard to take our school to a better place.

My school is really great at sports. We have three major teams on Football, Cricket, and Basketball. Our school was inter-school champion last year in a cricket tournament. I am a regular sports person and playing as a batsman for our team. Last year, I played match-winning 55 runs in the final. Every sports team of our school has brought so many trophies for the school and respect as well.

I love my school very much. I love the students, the teacher and the environment of here.

Our School: Essay (350 Words) for Class 5, 6

Essay on My School
Essay on My School  – 350 Words

Our School:
Our school name is ‘Ideal Sports School for Boys’ in Mumbai. I am a student of class nine there. I am a regular student of the school and I love my school very much. Our school is pretty much popular in the area because of our good result and a good contribution to local sports. Our school is mainly a sports school. We learn cricket, football, hockey, and basketball four major sports here with the study.
I am a cricketer myself and I am learning it.

Students and Teachers:
Our school has more than 200 students and we all stay here in the hostel. The school is totally residential and we have our own field in the school area. It is restricted for us to go outside. We really enjoy the environment here. The school has a really large area with beautiful scenes.
We have about 10 teachers; most of them are sports coaches. They also live with us in the hostel. We are divided into 10 sections and every section has 20 students. We eat, live, sleep and read according to sections. I have a few good friends in my section.
The principal and the founder of this sports school in Mr. Sunil Dutt. He is an ex-cricketer himself and played first-class cricket for ten years with a pretty successful career.

We Are in Cricket:
I believe that our school team is the best school cricket team in Mumbai city. We have proved it several times. We have own five times inter-school championship yet after the school has started for ten years only. We have shown awesome success in few other sports also.

We are in Football:
Our football team is also really strong, last year we were champion and previous year, we were runners-up. We have got lots of young talent in the school. I hope that these footballers will play for the country one day.

It is a really great experience for me to become part of this awesome school. I love my school very much.

My School: Essay (400 Words) for Class 7, 8

Essay on My School
Essay on My School  – 400 Words

My name is a Sanjay, and I am from a village in Haryana. I read in a school named ‘Ideal Boys High School’ in my own village. It needs only 5 minutes to walk there from my home. Our school is pretty much popular and doing very good in every section. Today, I will write something about my school.

My School:
As I said before, my school name is ‘Ideal Boys High School’. Our school is not a very big school like the city schools, but we are pretty big in our area. From class six to class ten students read in the school. We have access to good labs, computer section, library, and science practice zone in our school. These are helping us to learn something beyond our regular study. Most importantly, we have a few visionary teachers in our school, who are working hard to make us number one. They extracurricular strategies are really incredible, which is taking our school at the front.

School Building and Others:
We have three total buildings in our school. Two building is two stories and one is one-storied. Two building gets used as classrooms and another one is for the teachers and the staffs. Our school building is pretty much old because it’s a very old school. Even I heard my grandparents were studying in the same school. But they have changed the infrastructure of the buildings in recent years.
In the academic building, we have a very big school library. That has more than two thousands of books. I am a regular person in the library. I love to read books. On the same building, we have a science lab. Our school is doing really good in science, especially in ‘Science Fair’. Last year we got a silver medal for a really creative scientific article that was created by students. 

Students and Teachers:
We have more than 500 students in our school. Our students are very polite and well behaved with each other, and with teachers. Most of the students are really brilliant and doing a good result.
We have about 20 teachers to teach us. Our teachers are really visionary and talented. They are giving their best for the school and taking us as one of the best school in Haryana. I hope that we will rank better.
Name of our school principal is Nitesh Malhotra, who is a leader who is leading from the front. He is the decision maker for everything in the school. And he is doing really amazing.

I love my school very much.

My School: Long Essay (500 Words) for Class 9, 10

Essay on My School
Essay on My School  – 500 Words

Schools are really important for everyone. Everyone has to study in a school. Our education life starts from there. Hi, my name is Sania Ahmed; I am from Ahmadabad, India. Ahmadabad is one of the most beautiful, quiet, calm and peaceful cities in India. I am studying in a school here in class nine. I will tell all of you about my school today here.

My School:
My school name is ‘Ideal Girls High School’. I read in class seven in this school. We have more than 1000 students in the school. About 50 teachers are teaching here.
The school has four buildings. Each building is two storied and these are a really big building. Our school is pretty much popular in the area. We are doing good competition with other schools.
My school has so many facilities and other things to love.

The principal of My School:
My school principal name is ‘Neha Sharma’. She is a passionate lady about teaching and education. She is trying her best to take our school in a better position. Neha mam is about 35 years old, and she has two kids.
She is a true leader and leading our school from the front. Her thinking is really different, and that’s different thinking is changing our school’s atmosphere. He has brought so incredible and brave changes in the school.
She loves to take challenges and complete them successfully.

My Class Teacher:
My class teacher name is Sania Sharma, she is our English teacher as well. She is a very smart teacher. She has so many good qualities that I can mention here. She never does late to come in class and always teach us in the best way.
She is a charming lady and smiling always. She never yells at us if we do any mistakes. But sometimes she is very strict about study and rules maintaining.

My School on Sports:
Sport is a really important part of every school; we are also connected with that.
As a girl school, we don’t participate in every sport, but still, we have a few strong sports team. I am a basketball player, because of my good height. We were the champion in last inter-school basketball championship. I was the best player in the tournament.
Another big team is the football team. They are doing a really amazing performance in the field. They also have brought few medals for the school. Our cricket team is a little bit weak in the field, but we have got a new coach for the cricket team. We hope that we will rise in cricket too.

My School Library:
We have a really big and rich school library in the school. It has more than ten thousand books there. The library is really big and massive. We have access there for free. We can take 5 books each week. I am a book lover and I always try to pick books from the library.

My school is the best school ever; I love my school very much.

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