Essay on ‘A Journey by Bus’ in 500 Words

A Journey by Bus Essay in 500 Words

Introduction: The journey is always full of fun for me. From my childhood, I loved traveling a lot and that’s why I have experienced lots of journeys. There are different types of journeys like a journey by train, journey by boat, and a journey by bus. Among all of these, I love the bus most. It is easy to find a bus everywhere. I travel with bus very often. Today I am going to share my bus journey experience with you. I hope you will like this.  

Time and Occasion: One of my cousins from Siliguri was calling me to meet him. He invited me several times to visit his place. Finally, in the last summer vacation, I planned to visit his place. My best friend Pranab wanted to go with me. So we decided and fixed the date and booked two bus tickets from Kolkata to Siliguri. My cousin told me that there was a big local fair in Siliguri, if we can travel in the summer vacation then we can join that fair. We were so much happy to know that.  

Description of the Journey: Finally, our day came. And our bus time was 7 AM morning. We booked the morning ticket intentionally so that we can travel the whole day and can enjoy the side view. I have never traveled on this route before. That’s why I was so much excited.

Pranab was also pretty excited. We got our Siliguri Volvo A/C Seater and I took the window seat. The authority told that it will take almost 11 hours to reach Siliguri. We prepared ourselves for a long journey. The bus quality was very good. The seats were comfortable.

I always try to grab the AC bus for a long journey. The most important and interesting thing happened after a half-hour. A guy wanted to sing and the other passengers were agreed. We enjoyed his singing a lot. I was surprised and never saw someone singing songs on these types of the bus before.

After sitting two hours in the window seat, Pranab wanted me to move. I let him seat in the window seat and started to read a novel. I keep one or two books with me on every journey. Books are my best friends. I enjoyed the outside scenery a lot. We all know India is so beautiful and green. I saw peoples, places, and beauties. I can’t take my eyes off.  

What I Enjoyed Most in the Journey: There are so many things that I have enjoyed on this journey. I have enjoyed music, the outside beauty and meet with some awesome friendly peoples. I can speak Hindi and there were some people from the mainland and we gossiped a lot. That was a fun tour.  

Conclusion: After twelve hours of journey, we reached in Siliguri. I called my cousin before reaching there and he was waiting for us with a taxi cab. That was an amazing journey by bus that I will never forget. This journey will remain in my heart forever.

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