Essay on Facebook in 500 Words

Essay on Facebook in 500 Words


The Internet has brought a huge revolution in modern science. Facebook is a part of it. Facebook is mostly known as the leading social media. It is an online platform where we can get connected with people and can interact with them. It has made the world small and easy to access. Anyone can get connected with anyone now. It has opened a new door for business, communication, and relationship.  

Features of Facebook:

There are enormous features that Facebook has. Anyone can sign up there for free. You need an internet-connected mobile or computer. You can sign up with your email or phone number. Once you signed up, you will find lots of people’s accounts there who you know in real life. Facebook always encourage adding the people that you know. Then other people will find your account of their feed and will send you a friend request. If you accept their friend request then they will come to your friend list. A person who is in your friend, he can send a message to you. When you share a photo or write something on your profile or timeline, people of your friend list can see these. Not only see they can react to them. Even they can comment on their opinion in the comment box. Facebook has a good feature named group. You can create a group and can add your friends there. It is a very easy and simple method to make online hangouts or share things with a targeted audience. You can create a page for your business to promote online. Almost every business has a Facebook page now. They promote their products online with people. Including all, there are lots of features of Facebook that you can enjoy it.  

How Facebook Changed the Business and Communication:

Facebook has changed its business model and communication. Business is based on communication. Now people can reach millions of people with a simple Facebook post. Lots of businesses are selling their products through their business pages. It is easy for customers to buy and easy for business owners to sell. The business owner can contact their customers easily. It is easy to target your preferred audience with Facebook’s latest Pixel Technology and easy to serve ads. Overall Facebook has brought a huge blow in the business.  

Disadvantages of Facebook:

Besides of all these good sides, there are some disadvantages of Facebook. Facebook has become a time-killing machine for students. In a student life, you have to avoid social media like Facebook or Twitter. The young generation is being addicted to Facebook. They are spending a long time with it. And it has been a big reason for their study hamper. The guardians should be aware of this. They should limit their kid’s Smartphone using time. Otherwise, that could be really bad for their education.  


After all, Facebook brought so much change in human life. We need to use this tool in a good way so that it becomes blessings for us.

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