Essay on Discipline 100 Words for Children

Essay on Discipline 100 Words
Essay on Discipline 100 Words

Discipline: Short Essay in 100 Words for Children

Discipline is a really important thing that helps us to control our mind and body. Everyone should follow some discipline. We live in a society and there are lots of disciplines we need to maintain. If we follow all of them, we will be called as a good citizen. As like this, we need to follow some disciplines in the house too. We need to keep our clothes, rooms, and other stuff clean. The best place to achieve this virtue is school. As a student, you need to follow lots of rules and regulations. When you are following them, you will be a better student, better learner. It is really important for life.

This is a very short essay on discipline in 100 words. This essay is only for children from class 1, 2, 3, and 4. They can learn this short essay easily. It is an important topic for the exam.

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