Essay on City Life vs. Village Life in 100 Words

Essay on City Life vs. Village Life in 100 Words for Students

City Life vs. Village Life: Short Essay in 100 Words (1)

There are lots of differences between city life and village life. City life is really busy. People are always doing lots of works there. You have no time to waste there. On the other hand, village life is so calm. You will find lots of people spending time here and there.

There are so many modern and digital facilities available in cities, but the villages don’t have these. Naturally, the villages are beautiful. Especially the villages near any hill or river. But it is really hard to find some natural beauty in cities. Both places have good and bad sides.  

City Life vs. Village Life: Essay (2)

Some people ask is a city better to live or village? I think there are advantages and disadvantages to both places. If you are talking about natural beauty then the village is the best place. You will get lots of natural scenes there that you won’t get in cities. Other hand cities are good for finding a new job or work.

You will not find jobs in the villages. You have to come to the city. Cities are having a better communication system, better roads and you will get transportations often. Both places have different sides. I think the city is better.  

100 Words Essay on City Life vs. Village Life (3)

For me, city life is way better than village life. There are tons of advantages that you will get in cities. Let me share a few of them. First of all, people are really busy in the cities. They don’t have time to waste. It is a really good thing. You have to work if you want to survive.

You will find lots of jobs in cities. The communication system is really amazing. You can travel anywhere inside the city really fast with metro or bus services. This is never possible to get these experiences in the village. So I think city life is best.  


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