Essay on Child Trafficking in 100 Words for Kids and Students

Essay on Child Trafficking in 100 Words
Essay on Child Trafficking in 100 Words 

Child trafficking could be an unknown world phrase for you. But every kid should learn about this. In this world, there are lots of evil-minded people who are operating lots of escort services where they offer child girls as an escort. This is a huge crime and unless using proper law, it won’t be possible to prevent this. Even they are active on the internet too. It’s a profitable business to make child porn videos because it has huge demand. We need to be aware of this. It is a very disgusting crime that should be prevented.

Child Trafficking Short Essay: 2

In the entire world, there are more than 2 million victims of child trafficking. It has a market value of USD 12 billion. As you can assume how big threat is for the entire world. This data is based on ‘Stop Child Trafficking Now’. The most dangerous form of child trafficking is child prostitution and a huge number of children are a victim of this. We need to raise our voice against this crime. We all need to be aware to stop that. We have to increase family value because every child deserves a better life and future. We have to ensure that.

Child Trafficking Short Essay: 3

Child trafficking is a huge problem, especially in African and Asian countries. A huge number of children are a victim and they are spending their life in hell working in child labor or child prostitution. Because of our proper attention, this industry is being bigger day by day. People should be more conscious of this issue. Otherwise, it won’t be possible to prevent all these things. We all need to be careful about kids. Every kid deserves a safe and good life. According to a few reports, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam are the worst countries in that case with the highest amount of child trafficking issues.

This is a very short essay on child trafficking in 100 words. This essay is only for children from class 1, 2, 3, and 4. They can learn this short essay easily. It is an important topic for the exam.

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