Environment Pollution Essay Writing for Students

Environment Pollution Essay in 500 Words

Introduction: Environmental pollution is one of the top problems in this entire world. The conscious people and the climatologists are really concern about that major problem. This problem is created because of us, humans. It is pretty sure that, if we can’t prevent that pollution, the world will be unbearable for living for our future generation.

What is Environmental Pollution: There are so many elements in our environment, air; water, soil, sound, etc are the core thing. All of these are totally our beautiful natural environment. Pollution means to make something dirty or harmful to humans. There are several ways of how the environment is being dirtier day by day. Simply, it is being harmful to us. Being hard to live. Right after humans, the most important part of this nature is animals and plants. They are being really disturbed and their life is at risk because of pollution. If we can’t save our jungle, forests and the animals, we have to face a really bad time in the future. That could finish our nature.  

Ways of Environmental Pollution: There are so many ways that our environment gets polluted with. The most dangerous way is the greenhouse effect. The reason behind the greenhouse effect is deforestation and cutting trees at the mass rate. Carbon dioxide level is increasing day by day. And that is one of the biggest threats for the green nature. There are other types of pollution also available. I consider air pollution as one of the most threatening problems right after the greenhouse effect. Air is being polluted with harmful smoke. The source of that smoke is unplanned mills. Water gets dirtier when people throw their wastes there, it creates a bad smell and makes air pollution also. Sound pollution also taking place with heavy traffic horn sound, including unusual loudspeaker. We need to be aware and conscious, to prevent all these air, water, and sound pollution.  

Effect of Environment Pollution: There are so many environmental pollution effects that could hurt our normal life. People facing so many types of diseases because of that pollution. Millions of people could die just because of that problem. Climate change is one of the biggest issues in this world, right now. And Environmental pollution is the biggest reason for climate change. The climate is coming with a natural disaster like floods, cyclones, earthquakes, etc. If it keeps continues, the entire world could be ineligible for the living.  

How to Prevent: We can change the situation with public awareness. First of all, people should understand the bad side of pollution. And then need to stop, whatever polluting our environment. Cutting trees should be stopped and need to plan more and more trees to save the green nature. Because it’s the biggest reason and that could change the entire environment.  

Conclusion: Everything in this environment is related to each other. If one thing gets polluted then the other parts also get affected. By this way, the whole natural beauty could finish someday. We need to be aware of and understand the situation so that we can save our environment.    

Disclaimer: This essay is for high school level students of Bangladesh. You can learn this whole essay for your next examination. Because it’s written with an expert English teacher. I hope you will get the full mark with it.

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