Dialogue Writing Between Teacher and Student about Homework

The teacher enters the room and asks the entire class for the homework. Here is a conversation between them.

Dialogue Writing Between Teacher and Student about Homework
Dialogue Writing Between Teacher and Student about Homework

Teacher: Good morning dears.
Student: Good morning sir.

Teacher: How are you everyone?
Student: We are good, what about you sir?

Teacher: Yeah, I am good too. We had a little homework, do you guys remember that?
Student: Yes sir, it’s the date to submit the homework.

Teacher: Have you done it?
Student: Yes, I did it.

Teacher: Did you face any difficulty to solve all these problems?
Student: Yes sir, I faced some problems. Can you please explain these to me?

Teacher: Of course, I can. Just tell me, what did you find hard?
Student: It’s in number three line and it’s about Past Continuous Tense. I found this tense really hard to understand. Can you please give me some more examples, so that I can understand it better?

Teacher: Yes, I can give some examples. Suppose someone was doing something in the past and that was continuing, that’s past continuous tense. As like, ‘She was working in the kitchen.’ ‘I was reading the book.’ These are the perfect example of this tense. Now tell me if you have any other problem.
Student: No sir, it’s clear now. Thanks for explaining.

Teacher: You are welcome. And good you see your good work on the paper.

Dialogue between Teacher and Student about Homework: 2

Sunil was unable to bring homework in the class because of his some problem. Here is his entire conversation with his teacher about this issue.

Teacher: Hi Sunil, how are you?
Student: I am great, what about you sir?

Teacher: I am amazing, have you done the math homework that I gave last week?
Student: No sir, I have not done them yet.

Teacher: It has been a week dear, why have you not done it yet?
Student: I had few difficulties sir.

Teacher: Oh no, Sunil. Everyone has done that and they had no problem with that. Do you have any problem with understanding this maths?
Student: No sir, I can understand very well. Your last class on that topic was great. I had some other problems.

Teacher: Then tell me, what was your problem?
Student: Sir, my grandmother is admitted to the hospital. My mom and other members are also there. She is there for the last three days. Her situation is very critical. Every day after the class, I have to go there and stay with them. I have no way to study or do homework there.

Teacher: Oh I see. I am sorry to hear about your grandma. Then when will you guys to back to home?
Student: Tomorrow, the doctor has said that.

Teacher: That’s good. Okay then complete the homework when you arrive at the home.
Student: Okay sir, thanks for understanding.

Teacher: You are welcome.

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