A Dialogue between Two Friends about How to Make a Good Result in the Examination

Dialogue between Two Friends about How to Make a Good Result in the Examination

A Dialogue between Two Friends about How to Make a Good Result in the Examination: 1

Sam: Good morning, Sahan.

Sahan: Good morning, Sam. How are you?

Sam: I’m fine, what about you?

Sahan: I’m fine too. So are you ready for the upcoming annual examination?

Sam: Actually I’m not completely prepared, but I hope I will be because there is still pretty time to complete the Syllabus. What about you?

Sahan: Same to you, dude. So what’s your secret for good results in the examination? How do you get that good marks in the exam every year?

Sam: This is very simple, Sahan. My first priority is my study. I never waste time. And most importantly, I never miss any classes. Classes are important to join.

Sahan: You’re right. I’ve realized that last year. And hopefully, I’ve not missed too many classes this year.

Sam: This is good for you. When you’re attending classes regularly, you’re connected with your studies.

Sahan: And then?

Sam: And then I complete my homework every day. I don’t gather workload for tomorrow. You’ll feel so much free and good when you’re completing your homework within time.

Sahan: Do you take help from anyone when you do your homework?

Sam: Mostly no, but you know I’m a bit weak in Math. So when I face any hard math and if I can’t solve it then I ask my elder sister to help me. You have an elder brother too, you can ask him to help you.

Sahan: Yeah, this is a very good tip. Do you want to tell me something more?

Sam: There are many more things you need to do in order to make a good result in the examination. We’ll talk on this topic later.

Sahan: Thank you so much, Sam.

Sam: You’re welcome. Take care and bye for now.

Sahan: Bye.

A Dialogue between Two Friends about How to Make a Good Result in the Examination: 2

Sahana: Hi, how are you, Susmita?

Susmita: I’m fine Sahana. What about you?

Sahana: I’m good. How’s your time going?

Susmita: Great. Just studying hard for the upcoming examination.

Sahana: Oh that’s good. I need some tips from you on how can I make a good result in the exam. Can you help me, please?

Susmita: Why not? Of course, I can help you. Ask me, whatever you want to know.

Sahana: Do you follow any routine for study?

Susmita: Yes, I follow a really strict routine before the exam.

Sahana: Do you prepare that routine yourself?

Susmita: No, my elder brother helps me to make the perfect routine.

Sahana: Can you help me to create a routine, please?

Susmita: Of course I can. After this class, we will make a hood routine for you. But you need to follow the routine very strictly.

Sahana: What do you do then?

Susmita: I complete all of my homework in time and that’s why I don’t feel pressure before the exam. I get enough extra time to revise all of my preparation. You know I’m a bit weak in English and that’s why I spend a lot of time with it. When you are weak in a subject, you need to give extra focus for that.

Sahana: Oh yeah, I’m much too weak in Math and I will give extra focus on that subject.

Susmita: Yeah, you should give extra focus. If you, then you will feel so comfortable before the exam.

Sahana: I see. Do you have anything more to say?

Susmita: Yes. Take care of your health. If you get sick before the exam then there is no result for your hard work.

Sahana: Oh yeah. I never thought like that.

Susmita: Then you have to eat good food, and sleep properly. If you do these two, then you will have enough energy on your body to study more. Otherwise, you will feel weak.

Sahana: Thank you so much for your suggestion.

Susmita: You’re welcome. Take care.

Sahana: Take care too. Bye for now.