Make a Dialogue between Two Friends about an Interesting Book

Here are two dialogues between two friends about an interesting book. I am sure you will love these conversations. These are easy to read and anyone can learn English reading these simple conversations.
Dialogue between Two Friends about an Interesting Book

A Dialogue between Two Friends about an Interesting Book: 1

Sam has read a book named ‘Robinson Crusoe’ last week and he found that book really interesting. Now he is sharing his thought about this book with his best friend Rita.

Sam: Hi Rita, how you are?
Rita: I am fine, Sam. What about you?

Sam: I am great.
Rita: So, have you read any new book in this week?

Sam: Oh yeah, I have read ‘Robinson Crusoe’.
Rita: Who is the writer of this book?

Sam: Daniel Defoe is the writer. He is a very famous novelist and written lots of amazing books.
Rita: How was the book? Did you enjoy it?

Sam: Yes, I enjoyed it a lot. It is one of the most interesting books I have ever read in my life.
Rita: Oh really? Can you share a few words from there? What is it all about?

Sam: It is about a person named ‘Robinson’, who spends 28 years on an island, lonely.
Rita: OMG, it seems so much adventurous.

Sam: Yes it is. His ship faces a huge storm and he fortunately survives and finds him on the island lonely. And he starts spending his life there.
Rita: How did he survive?

Sam: He did lots of hard work and that person was so much dedicated and hard work. This book is inspiring too.
Rita: Then was he able to get back from the island to his country?

Sam: Yeah, he got back after 28 years with the help of a person named ‘Friday’.
Rita: Who was Friday?

Sam: Friday was a person who was a victim of some ‘man-eaters’ and Robinson saved him from these man-eaters. And then Friday became his servant and started to live with him.
Rita: Oh, I need to read this book. Do you still have this for you?

Sam: Yes, I have. Do you want it?
Rita: Yes, I want.

Sam: Okay, I will bring that book with me tomorrow.
Rita: Thank you so much, Sam.

Sam: You are welcome Rita.

A Dialogue between Two Friends about an Interesting Book: 2

Tania: How are you, Mehek?
Mehek: I am fine, Tania. What about you?

Tania: I am also fine. So have you read any book this week?
Mehek: Yes, I have read an inspiring and motivational book. It has made my mind so much positive about working har.

Tania: Oh that’s seems interesting. What is the book’s name?
Mehek: ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, you should read this book.

Tania: I will read it for sure. Can I borrow this book from you?
Mehek: Sorry, I have given it a return to the library. But you can take it from there.

Tania: Oh sure. Then let’s walk to the library. I hope I will get the book there. When did you return it?
Mehek: I hope you will find it there. Because I have returned it yesterday.