A Day after 72 Days of Home Quarantine in Corona Time

Assalamu Alaikum my dear blog mates. What about you? The Bangladeshi local time is 01.02 am at midnight. Alhamdulillah today I have passed a very wonderful day. You know how? Let me tell you the secret which makes me feel so much better. Today I went outside after spending 72 days of home quarantine. Ohhh only Allah knows how I had passed those days.

Today I have decided that we will go outside for a few minutes but we will not drop down from my car. We have started at 5.30 pm in the afternoon. It seemed to me that this is a new city, I didn’t find the common scenario of Dhaka City. I was so much happiness at that moment. I went to one of my favorite aria where I visited a minimum one day in a week. This is totally a village sight. So I love to go there. The green trees and fields have made a wonderful recreation of my mind.

Actually I didn’t go anywhere from March 16. Though sometimes I was feeling so bored. But I was thinking that we have to wait for a better ending of The novel COVID 19. There is no choice. If I don’t maintain the systematic way to protect from this natural disaster, I can be the victim also. From the starting of the lock downtime, I tried to adjust my mind with the running situation. But I couldn’t.

After passing 25 days, physically and mentally I had become very sick. That time I was so much afraid also depressed. So I have to contact the doctor and after that, I was under the treatment. I also tried to keep me busy with so many regular activities. Gardening is my hobby, so I did concentrate on the planting in my balcony. When I have seen that new roses are blooming in my tree and the fragrance of the flowers spread I feel refresh.

You know friends, reading writing, gardening this type of good habit can distract our mind from any kind of stress. I know many of us are passing their days like me. So I have a request, you can spend your quarantine time with your curiosity, attraction, or learning purpose. So that you can improve any skills where you have some lacks.

Though today I have broken the rules of lockdown I will not repeat it for my safety, for my family safety. So friends if you don’t have an emergency task, just stay home and do more and more practice for learning English in this magical platform. Best wishes to all of you. Here I am sharing some moments of my today’s outing. I hope I will be here within a very short time, in sha Allah.

Writer: Afrina Sharmin

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