60+ Examples of Countable Noun in Sentence for Students

We have got a huge list of countable nouns with example sentences. These examples will let you understand these nouns easily and you will understand why it is countable. So let’s take a look. 

List of Countable Nouns

countable noun examples in sentences
Countable Nouns Examples

List of Uncountable Nouns with Example Sentences

  1. I go to church every Sunday. 
  2. I have completed all chapters in this book. 
  3. India is a big country
  4. I love to spend time in the school library
  5. This is my favorite book
  6. This box is huge. 
  7. I love my school.
  8. Give me these answers
  9. I need a pen to write. 
  10. He asked me ten questions
  11. I need a calculator in the exam hall.
  12. He is carrying a big bag
  13. This table lamp is expensive. 
  14. Oranges are my favorite fruits. 
  15. Everyone loves to eat cake
  16. I need a pencil to write on.
  17. I have many things to do today. 
  18. I need a few flowers. 
  19. My English teacher is very smart. 
  20. I have lots of friends
  21. He has been admitted to the hospital
  22. They missed the train
  23. My name is Sofor. 
  24. My school name is Putijuri S.C. High School. 
  25. I would like to have some cookies. 
  26. I study in a college
  27. Dolphin is my favorite fish in the sea. 
  28. Apple is my favorite fruit. 
  29. I am sitting on the chair
  30. This temple is beautiful inside. 
  31. I love to see myself in the mirror
  32. Carrots are my favorite. 
  33. I have a pet dog.
  34. I love to keep a cat as a pet. 
  35. Give me a bottle of water. 
  36. Bring two cups of tea for us. 
  37. I use plastic plates to eat.
  38. The cow is a domestic animal.
  39. Turn on the bulb.
  40. There is a wreath of garlands
  41. Give me a glass of water. 
  42. A crystal chandelier was above her head.
  43. I need a brush to clean the room. 
  44. Many trees are beside the road. 
  45. I need an umbrella
  46. Bring me some books
  47. We won that trophy
  48. This is my house
  49. I need a phone.
  50. Call the doctor
  51. His computer is very fast.
  52. I love the flowers
  53. Send him a mail
  54. Bring that bucket here. 
  55. He has a beautiful car
  56. He has lots of problems
  57. I like to play guitar
  58. I am waiting for the bus. 
  59. This pot is for keeping flowers. 
  60. This table is very big.
  61. Crow is a useful bird. 
  62. I love to eat chocolate
  63. Bring me a fan, it is too hot. 

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