Conversation between Teacher and Student on Pollution

A Conversation between Teacher and Student on Pollution

Teacher: Good morning Tanisha, how are you?

Tanisha: Good morning Sir. I am fine. What about you?  

Teacher: I am good.

Tanisha: Sir I have a few questions about pollution. Can I ask?  

Teacher: Yeah, sure, go on.

Tanisha: What is air pollution?  

Teacher: Air pollution is a form of pollution where the air gets polluted through smokes or some other activity.

Tanisha: How air gets polluted?  

Teacher: First of all, there are a huge number of vehicles and they leave lots of smoke. These smoke mix with the normal and make that air deadly for us. Because of deforestation the amount of oxygen in the air is decreasing day by day. And that is making an imbalanced condition in the air. It is being hard to take breathe.

Tanisha: How can we get rid of air pollution?  

Teacher: First of all we need to plant lots of trees and everyone needs to become aware of this. And then have to stop using vehicles too much. Illegal mills and factories are also responsible for that. The government should shut these factories.

Tanisha: Is there any other pollution that can be deadly for us?  

Teacher: Is there is water pollution, soil pollution, and sound pollution and all these are risky for the environment. Tanisha: How the water gets polluted?  

Teacher: Water pollution is very simple, when we throw our dust in the water then the water becomes dangerous for us. There are lots of mills and factories are leaving their wastage in the canal, river, and pond and they are polluting water this way.

Tanisha: How can we get rid of water pollution?  

Teacher: It could be a big challenge for us. We all have to be aware and need to throw the dust in the dustbin. We all have to be conscious to save nature.  

Tanisha: Thank you so much sir for your information.  

Teacher: You are welcome. Take care.  

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