Common Noun Examples in Sentences | List and Exercises

A common noun is a generic name for a person, place, or thing in a class or group. Today we are sharing Common Noun Examples, List, and Exercises with you. 

List on Common Nouns


Common Noun Examples in Sentences

(Common Nouns Are in Bold) 

  • Teachers are the maker of a good nation.
  • The dog is a pet animal.
  • Birds are lovely. 
  • Porshe is the best car company. 
  • Tiger is a rare animal. 
  • There are many girls in the school. 
  • Sony produces the best mirrorless camera
  • I am going to a store to buy some books. 
  • Novel books are my favorite. 
  • Nurses are the most important part of the hospital. 
  • I go to church regularly. 
  • She loves playing with dolls
  • India is a very big country
  • The houses are beautiful in this area. 
  • Dhaka is a big city
  • I am going to buy something from a shop
  • The boys are working hard for the team. 
  • The entire class is very serious. 
  • Samsung produces the best mobile phone
  • She loves to light candles at night. 
  • Keep the pen in the basket
  • Telangana is the most beautiful state in India.
  • I am the king of my world.
  • We need to plant more trees. 
  • Camel is an animal that lives in the desert.
  • Earth is the most beautiful planet.
  • My favorite poet is Kazi Nazrul Islam. 
  • Jamuna Bank is the biggest bank in Bangladesh. 
  • I love to watch cartoon channels
  • This is the biggest park in the city. 
  • I love Coca-Cola among all soft drinks
  • New York Times is a good newspaper
  • This is a beautiful garden
  • He wants to become a good husband
  • Every queen is not equal. 
  • He was a great painter.
  • She is a good wife. 
  • I want to become a doctor
  • Atlantic is a big sea
  • Cricket is my favorite game
  • Shahrukh Khan is my favorite among all actors
  • Padma is a big river

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