Article on Stop Making Excuses and Start Making Changes

I pray that May Allah bless you,

Dear friends, How about you? I hope you are doing very well. I am glad to write another post on this group.

Well, most of us have a habit to express excuses. If we can’t do anything but we can do excuse. Most of us including me have a bad habit to express our excuses for any reason.

To give an example, my family expect from me that I have to be an English good speaker to help people. But I couldn’t do it due to my laziness, I didn’t try heart and soul to achieve it as a result I am a failure.

But when someone will ask me why you are a failure, I will present some excuses, saying that it is a foreign language and too tough, my teacher is not good he did not guide me well and so on. But we don’t express our laziness to do work if we have nothing at least we have excuses to hide our failure.

There is a local proverb, we have 3 hands right hand, left hand and excuse hand.

We should try to achieve a task or work, without trying to achieve something we shouldn’t express excuses.

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