A Tea Stall Paragraph for All Level Students

A tea stall is a place where every type of people gathered and spends time. Here are a few short and simple paragraphs on ‘A Tea Stall’. I hope you will like these paragraphs.

A Tea Stall: Short Paragraph (100 Words)

A tea stall is a very ordinary shop where people drink tea and buy some stuff like cigarettes, biscuits, banana, bread, etc. A tea stall is seen in every corner of the country. In the railway station, bus stand, near the hospital, near offices or educational institutes, near ghats.

It is a very ordinary and simple shop that sells tea. There are only a couple of benches and tables. Customers sit on the benches and drink tea. Sometimes in villages stalls, people spend lots of time gossiping. And these stalls become a little larger with few extra benches. This is a very popular place.

A Tea Stall: Paragraph (150 Words)

A tea stall is a crowded place where people gathered and drink tea. Almost everywhere in the country, you will find a tea stall. It’s a very common thing and we often see these. Every type of person goes to the tea stall for drinking tea. Besides of tea people also buy a cigarette, biscuits, bread, banana, etc in a tea stall.

It’s actually a tiny shop that has a couple of benches and tables. Most of the time the stall owner opens the stall early in the morning and closes the late night. The owner sits behind the cash box and a waiter serves the tea to customers. A tea stall is a gossiping place also.

People talk about politics, sports, and entertainment there. A tea stall is really important for social gatherings, and it brings people together. People can spend their leisure time here with refreshments.

A Tea Stall: Paragraph (200 Words)

A tea stall is a very small and tiny shop where they sell tea and a few other snacks. A tea stall is a very common scenery in the cities, railway stations, and every market in our country. It’s very tiny and small but there is always a big crowd.

The owner keeps tea prepared, when someone asks for it he pour on a cup and serve. Most of the tea stall has a younger waiter, who serves the cups of tea. The manager sits near the cash-box and receives money from customers. Most of the tea stalls are not really clean.

A tea stall has few benches and chairs for customers to sit. Most of the time, people gathered and spend their leisure time gossiping the stall. Every age people come there to drink tea. In the village stalls, the old people seat mostly.

They discuss so many things about society, politics, sports, and entertainment. A tea stall is a really interesting place to me. I used to drink tea in the nearest stall at my house.  

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