A Rainy Day Essay: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 Words

A rainy day is a really important topic for essays in all classes in school and colleges. Here we have added five essays on a rainy day. I hope these essays will be really amazing for you. These essays will be able to teach you detailed about that topic. You can choose any of them, according to your needs. Students from class 1 to 10 and even higher secondary students can use these contents too.

A Rainy Day: 100 Words Short Essay for Class 1, 2

A Rainy Day Essay
A Rainy Day Essay

After the hot summer, the rainy season starts and it that time we experienced lots of days with huge rain. I have experienced lots of rainy days in my life. Sometimes there are heavy rains and sometimes, there is really low raining. Rainy day is really enjoyable for the students like me.

We don’t need to go to school. Sometimes we go out and get wet. But it’s not good for the people who need to go to work. The cattle can’t go out, and they face lacking food. Overall a rainy day has good and bad both sides.

A Rainy Day Essay: 200 Words for Class 3, 4

A Rainy Day Essay in 200 Words
A Rainy Day Essay in 200 Words

Introduction: A rainy day is the best time for me. I enjoy those types of day lot. We see lots of changes and differences in the environment on a rainy day. Before the rain comes, everything becomes dark because of lots of clouds in the sky. It’s beautiful scenery to me. Especially in the evening, it becomes too beautiful.  

Why I Like a Rainy Day: I said that I like rainy days a lot. Let me tell you, why I like that a lot? On a rainy day, I never go to school, because the road becomes unable to walk. We don’t have a car so it’s really hard for me and my siblings to go to school on a rainy day. We stay in the house.

Most of the time my father also stays with us. That becomes a really good time for our family. My mother cooks different types of food for us. My parents usually watch TV and we play video games. Sometimes we study a bit and sleep.  

Conclusion: Rainy day is really hard for people like me in the village. After all, I really enjoy rainy days.    

Essay on A Rainy Day: 300 Words for Class 5, 6

A Rainy Day Essay in 300 Words
A Rainy Day Essay in 300 Words

Introduction: Most of the time in the rainy season, we face lots of day with huge rain. That type of day is called as a rainy day. It’s just a particular day, not a season. We all have experienced lots of rainy days. In this essay, we will talk about some important things about a rainy day.  

Comfortable for Some People: A rainy day becomes really awesome and comfortable for lots of people. The people who don’t need to go out for work, they feel really comfortable. In that case, the students are among them. The students never want to go to school on a rainy day.

They love to stay at home and play with their siblings and cousins. Sometimes they watch TV too. The housewives always cook something special in those days. The most favorite dish is ‘Bhuna Khichuri’. It is a really known food item in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan.  

Suffering for Some People: All people don’t enjoy those types of day. Some peoples really suffer a lot. There are lots of people who need to join their work regularly. These days are tough for them. They do really hard work. Sometimes they need to go out in the rain. They get wet and fall sick.  

Changes in the Environment: You will feel a huge change in the environment in the rainy time. It becomes really cool and the breeze is really enjoyable. Before the rain, you will see some beautiful clouds in the sky that covered everything. That’s a sign of rain.  

Conclusion: I love rainy days a lot. I love to wet in the rain, and that’s why it is the most favorite season of mine.    

A Rainy Day Essay: 400 Words for Class 7, 8

A Rainy Day Essay in 400 Words
A Rainy Day Essay in 400 Words

Introduction: Sometimes a rainy day becomes really funny and enjoyable for some people and sometimes, it becomes really tough. Overall, it’s a thing that happens with us very often. Most of us have experienced a lot of days with rain. Sometimes, it is raining heavily and sometimes there are really low rains. In this essay, we will talk about some important sides of a rainy day.  

A Rainy Day in Village: There is no doubt that the rain has its biggest impact on the village. The villagers suffer the most. But sometimes, it’s important for them. After a long summer, they want some cool breeze with rain. In that time, rain comes as blessings for them. They need water to cultivate and they need water to plant trees. As you know it’s the best time to seed any types of vegetables and trees.

So it’s an important time in the village. Students in the village really enjoy the rain. They don’t have to go to school. I am a student and I read in class 8 and I live in a village. When it is raining, it’s an unofficial holiday for us. We spend the entire day with our family. My mother cooks so many types of food. My father stays in the home.  

A Rainy Day for a Day Labor: A day labor life is really tough on a rainy day. Most of the time, they have to work regularly to maintain their families. But for the rain, they miss their work and they don’t get paid. And sometimes, they have to work wetting in the rain. They could fall sick for that type of activity. So overall, it’s a really hard time for day labor.  

Bad Side of a Rainy Day: Over raining could make a flood too. So it could become really hard to control for the people. In the flood, lots of people and animal dies. People face a huge loss of their property too. In the countryside area and the low layered area has the highest risk for flood.

People of these types of area face the flood almost every year. The government should take proper steps to keep the people safe. In the cities, some area gets flooded and people become close to their house. They can’t come out and their normal life becomes hampered.  

Conclusion: A rainy day is good for some people and bad for some people.    

Essay on A Rainy Day: 500 Words for Class 9, 10

A Rainy Day Essay in 500 Words
A Rainy Day Essay in 500 Words

Introduction: A rainy day is a regular part of our life. We all have experienced lots of rainy days in our life. Today we will talk about lots of sides of a day with rains. In the hot summer, people become restless and so much disturbed due to overheating weather. In that time, rain comes as blessings. People love rains lots, even its personally my favorite. I love spending on a rainy day.  

A Rainy Day for Students: For the students, the rainy day is really special. Most of the time, they don’t have to arrive at school. So it’s an unofficial holiday. Sometimes students in cities have to go to school, even it’s raining. But in the village, the students never arrive at the school while it’s raining.

The students spend their time in the house, and most of the time they watch TV, play with siblings or cousins. Their mom and aunties make delicious foods for them. Most of the family member remains in the house.  

Advantages of a Rainy Day: There is lots of good side on a rainy day. Let me share some of them. First of all, I want to mention, it helps to remove all the heat weather and make people really cool. It comes with a cold breeze and makes people really happy. Overheat become a big reason for different kinds of diseases too. Prickly heat becomes a common problem for most people.

But when the rain starts, these problems go away. And the rainy season is the best season for starting tree plantation. If you want to plant some trees, then this season is best for you. Besides these, there are other big advantages, of a rainy day. It makes the environment neat and clean. All the dust goes away.  

Disadvantages of a Rainy Day: Within lots of advantages, there are few bad sides too for a rainy day. Most of the people in the village suffer a lot. Especially who has a muddy road. Those types of roads become unable to use. People can’t go out and the vehicle can’t move from one place to another.

It makes a huge problem in the transportation system and it’s a loss for the business owners. In some cities, there is no proper water drainage system, that’s why water freezes in a specific place and it becomes really bad for the people. Some low-layered area goes under the water.  

A Rainy Day in City: A rainy in the city is totally different than the villages. The people life is really busy in cities. The rain can’t stop them. Most of the people have to join their offices or other workplaces. Most of the students also joined their school, if there is no heavy rain.

People really enjoy rain in cities. They go to their roof and enjoy the rainwater. Sometimes, they come out, sing, and spend time with friends. But the people, who have to work regularly to maintain their family, they face a huge problem.  

Conclusion: A rainy day has bad and good sides. Overall, sometimes it is important for us.

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