Paragraph on A Journey by Train for All Class Students

I always enjoy a journey by train; here are a few short and simple paragraphs on that topic. I hope you will love these paragraphs.

A Journey by Train: Short Paragraph (100 Words)

A few weeks ago, I went to Sylhet with my whole family. We went there to spend the summer vacation and that was a journey by train. We went to Kamlapur Railway Station at 9 AM and arrived on the train at 10 AM. It was my first ever train journey, I never traveled by train before.

I really enjoyed the whole journey. After leaving Dhaka city, the side view was really amazing. I love to see natural beauty. When we came near Sylhet, I was watching tea gardens. It’s a great experience for everyone. Now I want to travel by train again.    

A Journey by Train: Paragraph (150 Words)

A journey by train is a really interesting thing for me. I always loved the train journey and a few weeks ago I have got an awesome experience of that. I was going to Dhaka from Sylhet. One of my uncles was coming from abroad and we went to the airport to receive him.

I always preferred to sit in the window seat, because I can enjoy nature from there. The train started at 9 o’clock in the morning. When I looked outside, it was like everything was running behind, I loved that scene. As you know Sylhet has lots of tea estates beside the railway track there, and I love tea gardens a lot.

I was watching the tea garden. The whole train was really crowded. We bought a few foods from a hawker and I bought a magazine to read. After four hours, we reached Airport Railway Station. I loved the whole journey.    

A Journey by Train: Paragraph (200 Words)

I have got an awesome experience of a journey by train a few days ago. One of my best friends called me from Chittagong; he invited me to join his elder sister’s marriage ceremony. I decided to join and two of my friends joined me. We planned to go to Chittagong with a train.

We bought a train ticket online. Finally, on the date, we reached in Kamlapur Railways Station at 8 AM, after half an hour train, started to run for Chittagong. I always enjoy the train journey. This journey was more enjoyable because we all three were friends.

I took the window seat after a little fight with them. We bought our lunch with us because it was a long journey. But we also bought some food from the hawkers; I love street food so much. I was looking outside through the window and was enjoying the green nature of my beautiful country.

There are few hilly tracks and roads in Chittagong road, it’s full of adventure. I loved the green outside and awesome natural view. All these scenes made me pleased and I want to enjoy these scenes again and again. If you have not enjoyed a train journey before, you need to enjoy one. It’s is a great experience.  

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