A Journey by Train Essay for School and College Students

The train journey is always interesting to me. School and college students should learn about this. Here are a few ‘A Journey by Train Essays’ for all. I hope these essays will assist you to learn more about this topic.

A Journey by Train: Short Essay (100 Words) for Class 2, 3, 4

The journey is always full of fun and pleasure. Everyone loves to travel.  Even I love to journey a lot. But I never went anywhere through a train. That’s why in my last school summer vacation, I visited my uncle in Delhi. That’s was an impressive experience for me. I was visiting him alone. I traveled a few hundred miles with a train. That was my first ever journey by train. I loved it and it was full of fun. I’ve seen several new things and learned a lot. I realized the human life, the trouble and saw the natural beauty of our country.

A Journey by Train: Short Essay (200 Words) for Class 4, 6

I visited my uncle last month. My school broke up from 10thJune due to summer vacation. It was an amazing time to visit somewhere. We have an uncle on Kolkata, we decided to go there. My father wanted to hire a car. But I never traveled before by train, that’s why I asked him to go Kolkata by train. He was agreed with me and bought four train tickets for us. In the day, we reached the train station before an hour of train departs.

I was a bit excited because it was my first time in any railway station. Most importantly I was waiting to experience my first ever journey by train. My younger sister Anika was also excited because it’s her first journey too. Finally, after one and half hour later the train came and we find our seat after a little trouble. There was too much pressure on passengers because everyone was leaving the cities because of vacation.

My sister took the window seat and after a while, I convinced her to seat there. I enjoyed a lot of seating beside the window. The natural beauty was impressive. That was a long journey but that was not boring at all. I enjoyed my first train journey a lot.

A Journey by Train: Essay (300 Words) for Class 7, 8

I love traveling and so my friends so. I have lots of friends in New Delhi. As a Mumbai person, I always wanted to visit the city of Delhi, but I was unlucky every time I planned and faced a problem. But this time, in my Diwali vacation, I planned and decided to visit Delhi. One of my Delhi friends were inviting me to spend the Diwali time in his place. So two of us finalized to visit Delhi.

According to our plan on the fixed day, we went to the Mumbai railway station and bought two tickets for Delhi. We had the experience of a long journey before. I have traveled over 30 hours at a time by train. Mumbai to Delhi is also a long journey. It takes almost 18 hours by train. So we were mentally prepared for the situation. After waiting for an hour at the railway station, we got our train. We found our seat and I sit on the window seat. But we exchanged the seat a couple of times during the whole journey. After leaving the urban area, we started to see the real natural beauty of India. I have never traveled before in this route, so everything was new to me. That’s why I enjoyed it a lot. My friend started reading a book. I also tried reading a book, but I didn’t concentrate, I just wanted to enjoy the beauty of outside.

The train journey is awesome because it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of real nature. On the train, I met with a Bengali guy named ‘Robin’. Now he is one of my best friends. So this is a way of making new friends too. After a long journey, finally, we reached Delhi station. My friend came to receive us. I texted our location. Then we hired a taxi to go to his home. That was an impressive experience for me. I would love to travel more and more in this route.    

A Journey by Train: Essay (400 Words) For Class 9, 10

A journey is always fun and full of pleasure. I am a fun lover and love to travel across the country. A few weeks ago I experienced my first ever train journey in my life. Today I am going to share my all feelings and what I’ve seen in that train journey. In my summer vacation, I thought to visit a naturally beautiful place. One of my uncles is working as a tea estate manager in Shillong. It’s was a very long journey from Kolkata. Two of my friends joined me on this tour. They were asking me if I go anywhere, I should take them with me.

Finally, on the fixed date, we reach in the Kolkata railway station at 9 AM. We purchased three tickets for 11 AM train. Then we started to see the outside of the station. The station is really good and has been developed than before. The government is working really well. After waiting two and a half hours the train came and we find our seat within five minutes. The journey was so long and over 1000 KM and it took over a day. That’s why I told everyone to keep hard mentality. That’s was all of us first ever train journey, that’s why I thought it was going to be tough for us. But in reality, we enjoyed the whole time a lot.

The train started after a couple of minutes and left the urban area soon. I was watching outside and enjoying the real natural beauty. Everyone knows that Shillong is an amazing place, especially as a naturally beautiful place. When our train came near Shillong, we were amazed to see the beauty of that place. All of us were traveling there for the first time. We were speechless literally. We exchanged the seat a couple of times. I sit in the window seat for a couple of hours. It’s a good experience to sit in the window seat. If you sit there, you can enjoy so many beautiful things. So I suggest everyone to try getting a window seat in your first train journey.

Finally, after a long journey, we reached in Shillong. I will never forget the journey. It was absolutely amazing and awesome for me. We found our uncle waiting for us at the station because I informed him with a phone call. A journey by train is really fun and interesting. Everyone should try it.

A Journey by Train: Essay (500 Words) for College Students 

The journey is always a pleasure, but the train journey is too much pleasure for me. I love the train journey a lot. I have traveled a lot with trains and found it’s really good for the body; it’s not boring at all. There is a minimum level of accident risk and high security for people. These are the top reasons that are why I love traveling on a train. Today I will share my last train journey experience with you. I was traveling from Sylhet to Chittagong, a long way.

My college got closed in the summer vacation and I decided to visit my sister’s home with two of my friends in Chittagong. Chittagong is a very beautiful beach and port city in Bangladesh. According to the plan, we hired a taxi and reach Sylhet railway station at 8 AM on a specific day. We bought three tickets for the next express train from Sylhet to Chittagong. We waited for about two hours on the platform for the train. We were lucky that we bought the ticket faster; otherwise, I found lots of people who had not got the ticket. They bought a standing ticket rather than a seat. The reason is that was a vacation and people were leaving cities to spend holidays with their family.

When the train came into the platform, it took almost ten minutes to find out seats. The seating plan was pretty much confusing. I took the window seat. Finally, the strain started with a whistle. I was really happy about it. We were gossiping about sports and current vacation planning. We were having a few plans for what to do in Chittagong. We planned to stay there for three days and enjoy the Patenga Beach and top spots in the city. We left the urban area within ten minutes and I was impressed to see the beauty outside.

Sylhet is a land of beauty and lots of tea gardens. If you visit the train, you can see the real beauty of this division. The government has set up the train route between a national park with huge natural resources and beauty. I just love to travel across this area with the train. After two hours of gossiping and talking. One of my friend’s sleep and one started reading a book. I was still watching the beauty outside. Then finally I was tired and thought to take a nap. I asked my friend to take care of our goods. I slept for about an hour.

Finally, after nine hours of a long journey, we reached in the Chittagong station. We hired a taxi and went to my sister’s home. This journey by train was really impressive for me. I will remember this day for a long time. I didn’t travel a lot with my friends that are why this journey was remarkable for me. I suggest everyone journey with a train and enjoy the real fun of traveling.

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