Dialogue Writing Between Two Friends Discussing their Future Plans

Write a Dialogue between Two Friends about Their Future Plans

Niha: Hi Tania, how are you?
Tania: I am great, what about you?

Niha: I am fine. So what is your future plan? What do you want to do after passing the final exam this year?
Tania: Actually I have a dream to become a doctor from childhood and I am still on it.

Niha: Waoo that’s so good. What is your preparation?
Tania: As you know I am so good at biology and I hope I will do a good result in the final. And everything is depending on the result.

Niha: Why do you want to become a doctor?
Tania: Actually I am from a tiny village in Haryana, I spent my early childhood there and I have seen the village life from so close. People suffer a lot because of lacking good doctors. Still, there are lots of problems. I want to work for them.

Niha: That’s a noble reason I love your thinking.
Tania: Yeah, my parents are encouraging me to become a doctor and they are going to help as much as they can. What is your plan? What are you going to be?

Niha: I have a plan to study on Architecture. I think I am pretty good at design and drawings. I have a dream to work in the construction industry too.
Tania: That’s an amazing plan. What was the reason behind choosing this particular profession?

Niha: I am not sure, I just liked it. And I am reading lots of books related to the architect and the basics. I think I am going to enjoy professions. I love it by the way.
Tania: If you love something, then you just need to go for that.

Niha: Yes, I think the same.
Tania: That was a very nice conversation with you. I feel good to know your future plans.

Niha: I loved it too. Take care and see you.

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