Write a Dialogue between Two Friends about How to Improve English

A Dialogue between Two Friends about How to Improve English

Rahul: Hi Rana, how are you doing?
Rana: I am doing well, what about you?

Rahul: I am fine, dude. So are you still practicing English?
Rana: Yes, I am trying a lot. But I am not sure about my improvement. I need some suggestions dude. Can you help me?

Rahul: Why not? I can help you. Tell me how can I help you?
Rana: What should be my first attempt to improve English?

Rahul: I will suggest reading lots of books. Book reading is important to understand a language. You will get a huge idea of vocabulary and will learn tons of new words that you will be able to use in your future conversations and writings.
Rana: That’s great, I never thought like that. Can you help me get some books?

Rahul: Yes, I can.
Rana: What should I do then?

Rahul: Then you should try to make conversations in English with your friends and family. Sometimes it might be awkward, but you need to try.
Rana: Yeah, it is a bit awkward and people seem no interested to make English conversations with me.

Rahul: Yeah, I have to go through that situation but you will find lots of people who actually want to learn through conversations, you have to find them. Suppose I am one, who loves to talk to you in English.
Rana: Yeah, there are a few who love to talk in English too. I hope I will find a few of them.

Rahul: Whenever you heard a new word writes it on notebooks and makes lots of sentences with that word. You will never forget it if you imagine lots of sentences with any words.
Rana: That is a good trick.

Rahul: Keep practicing these for now. I will talk to you later and will share some more tricks.
Rana: Thanks a lot, I appreciate your assistance. Take care.

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