A Dialogue Between Two Friends About Hobby

A Dialogue Between Two Friends About Hobby

Rahul: Hi Rakesh, how are you?
Rakesh: I'm good, what about you dear?

Rahul: I'm fine too. What are you doing?
Rakesh: I'm going to the library to bring a few books to read.

Rahul: So do you read books all the time?
Rakesh: Actually it is my hobby and I enjoy reading books. that's why when I get leisure time, I try to spend it with reading books. I am sure you have some hobbies too.

Rahul: Yeah, I love gardening and I have a beautiful garden. I love my garden a lot.
Rakesh: Waoo this is interesting. I love gardening too. But haven't started one yet. I wish to have one.

Rahul: Oh, then you can start without any hesitation. I can help you with all the information.
Rakesh: That will be great. I appreciate your words.

Rahul: You're welcome. By the way, I think everyone should have a hobby to spend quality time. So that we can use our time in a productive way.
Rakesh: Yeah, I think that too. I encourage people to do some extraordinary things in their leisure time. It helps us to learn so many things. Suppose when I read books, I learn so many new things. I get mental relief and it increases our knowledge and develops our skills.

Rahul: Yeah I think the same as you. When I work in my garden I feel so good. When I see the flower and get vegetables from there as a result of my hard work I feel so proud.
Rakesh: That's a very good thing.

Rahul: That was very nice talking to you.
Rakesh: Same with you.

Rahul: See you later, take care.
Rakesh: Bye.

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