A Conversation between Two Friends about Business

A Dialogue between Two Friends about Business

Neil: How you doing Barry?
Barry: I am great, what about you?

Neil: I am fine. So what are you up to?
Barry: Planning to start a new business.

Neil: Oh really? That’s great. What’s your plan? Can you share it with me?
Barry: Of course I can. Actually, I was planning to import some vehicle products from China.

Neil: That’s huge. So have you decided what product you are going to bring?
Barry: Yes, In the beginning, I am going to bring 1000 car tires.

Neil: That must need a decent amount of investment?
Barry: Yes, it does.

Neil: So how are you going to do that?
Barry: Actually I have done a deal with a trading company and they are going to bring the product for me.

Neil: Is that profitable?
Barry: Yes it is profitable if I can sell all the products within two months.

Neil: Can you?
Barry: I think I can. Because I have done lots of research on marketing this product and already confirmed a couple of shops and car workshops.

Neil: Have they been agreed to take a product from you?
Barry: Yes, they are.

Neil: That’s interesting. I think your business is going to be very good and profitable.
Barry: I have good expectation and I know if I can work hard it is possible to get a profit from this business. It is possible to get more profit when I bring the product directly, but it’s a small order and that’s why I need the help of a trading company.

Neil: That’s not small. That’s pretty huge for me.
Barry: But my competitors are huge and they are bringing products on a large scale and selling it at a lower price. That’s why it is a challenge for me to keep the expense minimum o gets a decent profit.

Neil: I hope you will be able to do that. Have you taken any office or warehouse to keep your products?
Barry: I am using my home as my office and looking for a warehouse in rent. Can you help me with that?

Neil: Of course, I can. Smith is going to give his warehouse in rent. It is huge and the rent will be so little. I think that will be the perfect match for you.
Barry: Then I think, I should take a look at that.

Neil: Yeah, you should.
Barry: Can we go there today? Are you free now?

Neil: Yeah, I am free. Let’s go.
Barry: Thanks Neil, for helping me out.

Neil: You are welcome dear. I wish you success in your business.

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