A Dialogue with Your Father about an Interesting Book

A Dialogue with Your Father about an Interesting Book

Rahul has read a book recently and his father was asking him about the book. Here is the conversation between Rahul and his father about an interesting book.

Rahul: Dad, I’ve read an interesting book today and I am so much impressed.
Father: What books is that son?

Rahul: The book name is ‘Robinson Crusoe’.
Father: Who is the writer?

Rahul: Daniel Defoe is the writer's name. He is an English writer, trader, and journalist.
Father: Why the book was so much interesting to you?

Rahul: Because of its amazing story. It is beyond imagination.
Father: What is about it? Can you tell me?

Rahul: Yes, of course. It is a story of a person named ‘Robinson Crusoe’, who was traveling with a ship and a storm wrecked his ship. Everyone died and he went to an island by good fortune. The island was disconnected from the entire world.
Father: It seems so much suspense in the story. What did happen then?

Rahul: He started his life on the island. He builds a house and started to live there all alone. He used to catch fish and hunt the jungle animals to eat. His day was passing like this. But someday he found that he is not alone on the island. Some other people come here too.
Father: Is it something scary?

Rahul: Yeah, a bit. Because he found some man-eater come here with some people and eat them. It is a horrible scene. But one day he decided to attack them. He attacked these man-eaters and saved a person from them.
Father: That’s very good. Then?

Rahul: That person became his best friend. He gave him the name ‘Friday’. Robison saved him on Friday. He taught him the English language and taught lots of things about Jesus Christ and religion.
Father: This is so much impressive.

Rahul: And then finally, they were able to get out of the island after a long battle with a pirate ship. You need to read the book to learn more.
Father: I will read this book definitely. Please give it to me.

Rahul: Here it is.

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