A Dialogue Between Two Friends about Importance of Reading Newspaper

A Dialogue Between Two Friends about the Importance of Reading Newspaper

Rupa reads the daily newspaper and she is a well-informed girl about what is happening all around the world. But her friend Seema is not interested to read newspaper a bit. Here is a conversation between two friends about the importance of reading newspapers.

Rupa: Hi Seema, how are you?
Seema: I am fine, what about you?

Rupa: I am good. So do you know about the recent incident happened in Australia?
Seema: No, I don’t. How could I know?

Rupa: Don’t you read newspaper?
Seema: No I don’t read. Do you?

Rupa: Yes, I read the newspaper regularly. And it is my passion. I have built this habit from my childhood.
Seema: Is there any usefulness of reading it?

Rupa: Yes there are lots of uses and benefits. First of all, I love reading and it is not possible to get new books every day to read, that’s why the newspaper is a good option to read. I can learn new things every day. There are lots of unknown things and facts that publish in the newspaper. They talk about new places, peoples, etc. all these things enrich our knowledge.
Seema: You are exactly right. I never thought like that. Can you tell me something more about the importance of reading the newspaper? I also love reading. As a student will that help me to improve my knowledge?

Rupa: Yes of course. There are different topics in a newspaper. You can read your preferred topic. There is a section for education too. The expert teachers write about different lessons in different subjects. You can learn a lot from there. By the way, what is your favorite subject?
Seema: My favorite subject is history.

Rupa: You will find lots of informative articles in the newspaper related to history. They are based on huge research and experiment. You will be able to learn lots of new things from there. Most importantly you will be able to keep yourself updated with the world.
Seema: Where I will you get the newspaper?

Rupa: Now you can read it on your phone or computer. It is so simple.
Seema: Thank you so much for your suggestion Rupa.

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