A Dialogue between Two Friends about Climate Change

Write a Dialogue between Two Friends about Climate Change

Imran and Siam, they are two friends. Siam doesn’t know anything about climate change. Here is a short conversation between them about this topic.

Siam: Hi Imran, how are you?
Imran: I am fine Siam. What about you?

Siam: I am fine. So can you tell me something about climate change?
Imran: Of course, ask me what do you want to know?

Siam: First of all, tell me what is climate change?
Imran: Well, climate change means changing the average weather such as warming, coldness, temperature and rainfall in a specific region.

Siam: Is that bad for always?
Imran: Yeah, sometimes it is based and makes a risky effect on nature.

Siam: What is the biggest reason for climate change?
Imran: Pollution is the biggest reason. Due to different types of pollution, the air, soil, and water is being polluted every day and it is making an effect on the weather and ultimately it is changing the climate in a long period. Global warming is also a very big reason behind it.

Siam: It that possible to prevent the bad effect of climate change?
Imran: Yes is it possible. The entire world should work together for that. First of all, we need to focus on tree planting more and more. That will make a good air quality. And then we need to stop polluting our environment, especially have to stop air pollution as quickly as possible. That’s how we can get rid of this problem. And you know an increasing amount of population need more energy and food, that’s why we are hunting fishes, cutting trees and building more factories and mills, all of them are threatening for the environment. We need to stop doing such things. Vehicles are also responsible for air pollution. We better use solar energy rather than chemicals or other things.

Siam: Thank you Imran for helping me know this important information.

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