A Conversation between Teacher and Student about Discipline

A Dialogue between Teacher and Student about Discipline

Teacher: Good morning.
Student: Good morning, sir. How are you?

Teacher: I am fine, what about you?
Student: I am good. Sir, I have got a question today for you.

Teacher: Yes, ask, please.
Student: I want to know about discipline.

Teacher: That’s a very good topic to know about. Go on.
Student: Why every teacher stresses us to be disciplined?

Teacher: Because discipline can change your life completely. If you are disciplined enough then you can control your life. You will understand what should you do, and what you should not.
Student: I see. Is that important to become disciplined in student life?

Teacher: Of course, every student should follow proper discipline.
Student: How will that help me?

Teacher: It will help you in many ways. Mostly you will be able to get a good characteristic that will help you to become a good student. And you know as a student, the most important thing is to study. If you are disciplined, then you can do the study properly.
Student: This is amazing. So how can I will be disciplined, do you have any suggestion?

Teacher: Yes, of course. You need to follow some rules in your life. First of all, I suggest getting a routine for your entire day. You have to schedule your time. Then you will know what is going to happen in your life after some time. You can control everything. If you study according to a routine, you will be able to complete your syllabus before the exam.
Student: I think that is a great suggestion. What else can I do sir?

Teacher: You always have to be positive, need to take care of your health and need to keep yourself clean. If you pray, then it’s a bonus. And most importantly you have to wake up early in the morning. There are some rules of good health that you can follow.
Student: Thank you so much, sir. It was an amazing conversation with you.

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