Food Adulteration Paragraph for School Kids

Food adulteration is a serious problem and it’s being a threat for us. People are facing so many problems to get healthy food. Here are a few short and simple paragraphs on food adulteration. These paragraphs are really easy to learn and for almost every class in the school.

Food Adulteration Paragraph
Food Adulteration Paragraph

Food Adulteration: Short Paragraph (100 Words)

We all survive eating food. Food is the first thing that we need to stay alive. But can people eat every food? No, they can’t. People should eat good quality food only. Otherwise, that could be a serious reason for health problems. Right now in this world Food Adulteration is a serious problem. People are using so many types of pesticides to grow vegetables and fruits. That turns as poison for the human body and make several types of diseases in the body. We need to be aware of this and need to stop eating low-quality food. Before eating something we need to ensure the quality.

Food Adulteration: Paragraph (150 Words)

Food adulteration is being a serious problem in our country. Almost every type of food is getting adulterated. When we eat something at a restaurant, we need the best and fresh food. But do we know how they keep their food fresh for a long time? It is the process of food adulteration. Adulterated foods don’t look bad or they smell better. But they are not good for our health. Dishonest restaurant owners do that to make some extra profit.
In another hand, we buy lots of groceries as like vegetables, fish, etc for our daily food. Most of the vegetables are grown with several types of chemical medicine. That helps the vegetable to grow faster and look good. But this type of vegetable is really risky for the human stomach. Fishes have the same issue. Formalin is a most used chemical for fishes, that doesn’t let them rotten and look fresh.

Food Adulteration: Paragraph (200 Words)

Eating food is really important for everyone. We can’t survive without eating food. But we need to ensure the food quality first because food adulteration is being a really serious problem in our country. Almost every type of food is adulterated. There are a huge number of dishonest businessmen who are doing that type of crime to make some extra money. This is a serious crime and everyone connected with this should get punished. Our government has taken some steps to keep food safe.
We all eat fast food, but we don’t know what they use to keep the food look good. Most of the time they use really harmful chemicals these turn as poison when we eat it. The beverage products are also the same. Almost every type of drink use a different type of gas and acid that keeps their drink fresh. So we need to have enough knowledge of food adulteration and make people aware of this. If everyone becomes aware of their own place, that type of problem won’t happen. Otherwise, if it got out of control, we all have to face a really bad time for quality food.

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