10 Lines on Truth in English for Kids

10 Lines on Truth in English for Kids

1. Truth is truth. It is divine and always remaining. Maybe it is bitter or acceptable.

2. Truth is a constant power which cannot be declined and deleted even if the whole world goes against it.

3. Nobody is perfect but life is a game of perfection which never ends.

4. We all know the truth or morals less or more but everyone do not follow it strictly.

5. Those that were capable to hold the truth and utilize it properly in their life are remarked as the great persons in the history of mankind.

6. The walk through the truth might be long but it brings us permanent success in our life.

7. So it is not unwise to follow the truth denying our small interest in achieving the greater benefit.

8. We the human being are not free from sins or misdeeds. But those are best who give priority to the true path.

9. It is also the key to all kinds of human development. Truth has a fixed or variety of standards.

10. We should use our intelligence to find out or search for the real truth.

10 Lines on Truth in English for Kids

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