10 Lines on Tiger in English

Tiger is a really beautiful animal. Here I will share 10 lines on tiger in English. I hope you will love this.

10 Lines on Tiger
10 Lines on Tiger 

10 Lines on Tiger for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10

1. Tiger is a royal animal.
2. There are lots of tiger in Sundarban.
3. In the cat family, the tiger is the biggest animal.
4. Tiger is a really strong animal with four legs and a long tail.
5. Their straws are really strong and they have really sharp nails that help them hunt.
6. A tiger actually survives for 26 years on average, but when they live in a zoo, they only live 14-18 years.
7. A well-aged tiger could be 360 kg in weight.
8. They are the best hunter in the jungle, they have to hunt Deer, Cow, and Rabbits to eat and survive.
9. The tigers live in the dense jungle and they prefer to stay alone.
10. I really like the tiger. 

10 Lines on Tiger for Class 5, 4, and 3

1. Tiger is a strong animal that lives in the jungle.
2. Tiger is the biggest member of cat species.
3. In India, there are tigers named ‘Royal Bengal Tiger’.
4. They are seen on Sundarban.
5. Tiger has speed; they can run at a maximum of 65 km/hr speed.
6. As like our fingerprint, their body stripes are unique. Every tiger has different types of stripes.
7. The population of tigers is decreasing day by day; only 4000 tigers are left all across the world.
8. Excessive hunting intention is the biggest reason behind, we need to save the tiger.
9. Tigers have a really important contribution to biodiversity.
10. Tigers can swim.

10 Lines on Tiger for Class 7, 8, and 9

1. Tigers are the best swimmers are cat species.
2. White tigers are also seen in this world.
3. There are lots of tigers in Africa and India.
4. They are trying to save the tiger in national parks in Africa and America.
5. Also, lots of tigers are in the zoo, while they don’t feel comfortable to stay there.
6. ‘Siberian Tiger’ is the biggest size tiger available right now. This species is really rare now.
7. People hunt tiger for their bones and skin.
8. Their population is decreasing for that reason.
9. Every animal has its own beauty and importance in the environment as like tiger.
10. We need to be aware of saving the tiger.
Tiger is an awesome creation by Almighty God; we need to save this rare species. We need to do some campaign that promotes ‘Save Tiger’. Few greedy hunters are hunting tiger to collect their bones and skin, these are really expensive materials. In India and Bangladesh, there are still a big amount of tigers available. Our awareness may be able to save this animal species.

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