10 Lines on Smoking is a Bad Habit in English for Kids

10 Lines on Smoking is a Bad Habit in English

1. Smoking is a very dangerous habit. Smoking is not good for health.

2. There is no doubt that smoking is very harmful to health.

3. Who is smoking every day, surely will suffer the different type of disease because of their over-smoking?

4. Because of smoking, so many people have died after long time trouble.

5. But some people don’t give up smoking. Some people try to smoking every day. Must be it is one kind of obstacle for becoming a long day alive.

6. I am totally unable to tolerate the smoking smell. Not only me who don’t smoke they can’t tolerate the smoking smell.

7. On the other hand, who is trying to smoke continually, most of the people don’t like them.

8. There is no benefit in smoking. And we all have to understand and accept thins truth.

9. Cigarette smoking is one of the leading causes of preventable death in all of the countries, but quitting can be daunting.

10. Because of too much smoking some people day by reducing their mentality power. Cigarette smoking causes most cases of lung cancer. So from my view, we should try to give up smoking

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