10 Lines on Save Water in English

Water is the most important element of our environment. We need to keep it safe. Here are the top 10 lines on save water in English.

10 Lines on Save Water in English
10 Lines on Save Water

10 Lines on Save Water: 1

1. Water is life; we need to save water if we want to keep our life good.

2. Water is some kind of tasteless and colorless material which is present all over the world, everywhere.

3. Water is playing a very important role in civilization, if we want to keep this alive, we need to focus on saving water.

4. We should give some effort that ensures water availability for our future generation so that they don’t face any obstacles to get ‘safe water’.

5. Safe water is really important because if the water is dirty that could be a reason for various kinds of diseases.

6. If we save water from nature, such as ‘Rain Water’ and use that in our regular work, that could minimize cost and improve lifestyle.

7. ‘Rain Water’ is super safe, if we can make them safe with few processes. It’s a great source of water which gets wasted by us, from now we need to save that water.

8. Water is directly connected with our biodiversity.

9. If water gets polluted or another problem in it, then the whole biodiversity will face the problem and that will be an ultimate threat to the environmental problems.

10. We all need to be aware of saving water.

10 Lines on Save Water: 2

1. Save water could be a slogan for everyone so that we can reach to every people who need to be aware of the issue.

2. If we don’t save water today, we have to fight with the situation tomorrow, so it’s better to be aware and start saving water.

3. There are so many ways to save water, we can follow the ways and I hope if we follow them we will be able to succeed in the campaign.

4. Availability of safe water is being decreased day by day. There are so many places in the world, which is not getting proper water to drink.

5. That’s why they are facing so many diseases and that is being a real problem in their life.

6. Our little awareness can be a real way to save water.

7. Suppose you are bathing in your bathroom, I better suggest use a bucket and take water there and then use a mug. If you use a shower, you may waste so much extra water.

8. Always be careful about switch off the water tap, after using.

9. Life is very beautiful and we need to keep life alive.

10. Only proper water can do it.

10 Lines on Save Water: 3

1. In the entire world, there is 75% of water. But you know, there is only 1% safe water.

2. This is a very big matter to think, that there are not sufficient safe water to drink for the entire world.

3. So what should we do now? How can we save water and keep our world safe?

4. If we all become aware of this, we can do it. We can increase the amount of safe water.

5. First of all, we need to learn about environmental pollution, and need to find out the reasons behind it.

6. If we can prevent the environment pollution, the water won’t get polluted for sure.

7. And we will get fresh and safe water to drink.

8. A big part of the world is fighting with this problem and they are facing so many diseases.

9. So from now, let’s start saving water.

10. Save water and save a life.


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