10 Lines on Save Trees in English

The tree is a really important part of the whole ecosystem. We can’t even imagine anything except trees. They are helping us in hundreds of way. The tree has several importance and benefits. We need to know and learn so that we can save the tree. Here are a few lines on save trees in English.

10 Lines on Save Trees in English
10 Lines on Save Trees

10 Lines on Save Trees in English

These lines on save trees are really important for the school kids. Every kid should learn these lines properly.

1. The tree gives us oxygen, and that’s why we can say tree gives us life.
2. The tree is the biggest source of food and natural satisfaction.
3. Saving tree is important if we want to save nature and the environment.
4. The world is being warmer day by day, only saving tree and plantation movement can change this unpleasant threatening problem.
5. Millions of animal life are directly connected with trees.
6. We will lose the whole biodiversity if you can’t save trees.
7. The carbon dioxide that we leave, trees take that and make the air clean and fresh for us.
8. Trees are home for birds, whole bird race will destroy.
9. We need to save a tree if we want to save the world.
10. The tree is helping us to stay alive.

10 Lines on the Importance of Trees

1. The tree is important for wildlife.
2. It has a direct connection with the community, if we can grow a huge tree then it will be great for the future economy.
3. They provide food, the tree is one of the biggest sources of foods.
4. Believe it not, the tree is a huge source of medicine and in that way, they help to heal people.
5. The tree brings people together, make them unite.
6. Wood is a really important part of human life and tree provide that.
7. It increases your value in the property.
8. We should do more and more plantation.
9. I love to join a club who love to do that thing.
10. Let’s save the tree and save the world.

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