10 Lines on Reading Newspaper in English for Students

10 Lines on Reading Newspaper in English for Students

1. Reading newspapers is the power of knowledge. If you have a Smartphone, you should read the online-based newspaper.  

2. There is an obstacle to read the newspaper if you want to sincere.  

3. Without reading the newspaper, no one can know about the current position of country and world. A newspaper is called 2nd parliament in this sense.  

4. We get various kinds of news and views from the daily paper. We believe that which written by a journalist. It’s a dependable source of getting important and unimportant news.  

5. Although we watch live telecast, Newspaper plays an important role in our everyday life. We confined to believe that published through the daily paper.  

6. Reading a newspaper is a good habit for a student. Generally, we can get a different survey from daily paper which is helpful for general knowledge. Besides we have to know about international news for job purposes or knowing the present situation of the power holder.  

7. Smartphone plays an important role in the reading newspaper.  

8. We can see international news from home, life is being easy by technology.  

9. In the rural area, there is no available to get print paper. That’s why the online paper is the best way for everyone. The network system of the rural area is not satisfactory. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes or more time to open a data connection.  

10. In spite of obstacles, I think it’s the best way to read a newspaper.

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