10 Lines on Rainy Season | Few Lines on Rainy Season

The rainy season is an interesting season in the year. Today we are going to share 10 lines on the rainy season that will teach you something about this. I hope these few lines on the rainy season are really relevant and important for your academic study. You can pick one as your requirement.

10 Lines on Rainy Season
10 Lines on Rainy Season 

Here are few lines on rainy season for class 1, 2 and 3. These lines are really easy and any school kid can learn this easily.

1. Rainy season comes after the hot summer.
2. People get relief after so much hot weather.
3. Rainy season comes with blessings.
4. The sky remains cloudy in this season.
5. Sometimes it rains for 4-5 days longs.
6. People love getting wet in the rain.
7. But too much raining makes difficulties in life.
8. It makes flood and make a huge problem.
9. This season is an interesting season.
10. Personally, I love this season a lot.

Few Lines of Rainy Season for Class 4, 5

Here we have come with few lines on rainy season for class 4 and 5. These lines are really perfect for these classes.

1. Rain comes after huge and too much hot weather.
2. People accept the beginning of the rainy season as blessings.
3. It makes the weather cool and really comfortable.
4. The entire environment looks so much green and beautiful.
5. Sometimes it rains for 4-5 days long and people can’t come out of their house.
6. There are lots of poems and songs have been written based on this season.
7. The rivers and the ponds get full of huge water.
8. It is the cause of flood sometimes when there is too much raining.
9. Overall, the rainy season is very good for us.
10. I love this season very much.

10 Lines of Rainy Season for Class 6, 7, 8

1. The rainy season is a season when a region or country experiences the highest rainfall in the year. Most of the countries in the world have this season.

2. This season comes right after summer. When people get bored and stuck with so much hot weather, rainy season comes with blessings freshness.

3. The first rain of the year is always special. People come out of their home to welcome the season and say goodbye to summer.

4. People get so many problems in the summer because of the huge hot weather and so many diseases. Skin problems are very common in the summer. But rainy season come and wipe everything out.

5. This season is the best time to do tree plantation and lots of people start planting trees in that time. I always try to seed some more trees in my garden this season.

6. This season makes the air really fresh and cool. People can breathe with so much peace and calmness.

7. The sky remains cloudy most of the time and sometimes there are raining for 4-5 days long. People face problems for too much rainfall. It makes the roads unable to walk or drive a car.

8. Especially the village people face so many problems this season.

9. But this season is blessings overall, it comes with so many opportunities. Fishermen become ready to catch some fish.

10. I love the rainy season a lot.

10 Lines of Rainy Season for Class 9, 10

1. The rainy season is a season that experience lots of rainfall and the highest rainfall in the year. Sometimes some region faces flood dude to over raining.

2. This season is highly important for agricultural activities. The land becomes ready with rain and it becomes appropriate to grow crops. That’s why this season is highly important for the farmers.

3. The rivers and canals get full with huge water and that comes with the opportunity for the fishermen to catch fish. In this season, they catch the highest amount of fish.

4. Because of heavy rains students don’t want to go to school and they stay in their house, watch TV, play games.

5. The villagers face so many problems. The daily labor people can’t go to work. This hurt their income and it’s become really tough for them to maintain their family.

6. Flood is the biggest threat in this season. Excessive rainfall is the biggest reason behind the flood. Most of the lower demographic area face flood almost every year in this season.

7. The most important thing about the rainy season is it comes with so much freshness in human life after a long period of hot summer. The weather becomes really enjoyable.

8. There is so many tribal and cultural occasion to welcome the rainy season in India and Bangladesh.

9. In this season, I enjoy a lot. I love to get wet on the roof with my friends and cousins.

10. I really wait for this season and this season is my favorite season.