10 Lines on Myself in English

Everyone is the world has come with so many different things. we all have got different names, habits, things to do, etc. Here I will show you 10 lines on myself in English. In these lines, I will try to describe myself. I hope you will love it. You guys can use that for your academicals study.

10 Lines on Myself
10 Lines on Myself

10 Lines on Myself for School Children

1. Hi, my name is Aditya Ray.

2. I live in Kolkata, city of joy.

3. I read in class seven, and my school name is Ideal Boys School, Kolkata.

4. I am a very regular student there, I love to join classes’ every day and I learn my lessons regularly.

5. My best friend name is Sunil, and he studies with me in the same class. We are really good friends.

6. My hobby is gardening; I have my own garden in front of our house. I work there in my leisure time.

7. I love to read books and I have a huge collection of good books.

8. I love my family and my school. These both are really important for me.

9. My parents really loving, they love me a lot.

10. I am very happy with my life.

10 Lines on Myself for Students  

1. My name is Rohit Kumar and I am from Mumbai.

2. I read in class nine, I am 15 years old.

3. My father name is Shirish Kumar and he is a very famous businessman in Mumbai city.

4. My mother was a govt. officer and she loves to spend most of her time with us now.

5. I have two sisters and one brother; they are really good with me.

6. I love watching cartoon a lot, my favorite cartoon is Tom and Jerry.

7. When I feel alone, I enjoy reading books.

8. I am a book lover and I have a big collection of books.

9. My teachers love me in school and my parents also love me a lot.

10. I am very happy with my life.

I hope you will love these lines on me. With these lines, you can introduce yourself.