10 Lines on My School Library in English

Every school should have its own library. We have one; here are a few lines on my school library. I hope everyone will love these lines.

10 Lines on My School Library
10 Lines on My School Library

10 Lines on My School Library: 1

1. We a library in our school.

2. Our school library is pretty much big and it has almost five thousand books.

3. The library is authorized by a non-government NGO.

4. There is a permanent librarian who works there as a full-time worker.

5. I spend lots of time in the library reading books.

6. We have the opportunity to take books at home also.

7. I used to take 3-4 books in a week to read.

8. I know book reading is the best thing and books are the best friend of ours.

9. We all should read the book regularly.

10. I love my school library so much.

10 Lines on My School Library: 2

1. The school library is a really important part of every school.

2. I think every school should have a library with good books so that students can gain extra knowledge.

3. In our school, we have a school library and this is pretty big with more than ten thousand books in it.

4. All books are divided into several sections.

5. There is a librarian who operates everything here for the library.

6. Our school library is a perfect place to study because it is very calm silent. I used to go there when I want some peace.

7. I try to collect a book from there regularly and read them with my regular study.

8. I encourage everyone to read more and more books, that opens our mind and help us to think bigger.

9. We can learn so many things from reading books in the library.

10. Everyone should go to the library.

Of course, the school library is a really cool place for book lovers. I am a big book lover and I know I can’t afford to buy thousands of books to read. That’s why I choose to go to my school library regularly. I get access to more than ten thousands of books. That’s pretty much amazing for me.