10 Lines on My Pet Dog in English

I have a pet dog and here are 10 lines on my pet dog in English. I hope you will like these lines. These lines are for all school students and kids.

10 Lines on My Pet Dog
10 Lines on My Pet Dog

1. I have a pet and it’s a dog.

2. My father brought me one year ago when it was a kid.

3. Now my pet dog is grown and big.

4. Oh, I forgot to say his name, his name is ‘Bahadur’.

5. My dog is really cute and charming.

6. He obeys all of my commands.

7. I think he is the most polite dog I have met ever.

8. He has not been a reason to get in trouble anytime.

9. We consider himself as a family member.

10. I love Bahadur a lot.

10 Lines on My Pet Dog: 2

1. I have a pet dog and it’s an adorable animal.

2. My pet dog is a Pomeranian breed and she is 1.5 years old.

3. My father bought it from Kolkata when it was a kid.

4. She used to spend her time with me.

5. Her name is ‘Jia’.

6. She is very cute and adorable.

7. She sleeps with me and she is very polite.

8. She is a part of our family now.

9. Sometimes she behaved naughtily.

10. I love my pet ‘Jia’ very much.

10 Lines on My Pet Dog: 3

1. Sheru is my pet dog.

2. He is the bravest dog in our neighborhood.

3. Sheru is a German shepherd dog and he is two years old.

4. He looks like a strong and cruel dog but ultimately he is the friendliest ever.

5. He always pretends to protect me from every problem.

6. He comes to my school regular with me.

7. Lots of my friends have their own dog and dogs are allowed in school.

8. Sheru is my best friend and I love to play with him.

9. He has been a very important part of our family.

10. Our whole family takes care of him very much.

I think dogs are the best animal to keep a pet. They are really loyal and they do their best for their owner. Believe it or not, having a dog with you can save you from lots of usual problems. I love dogs as pet.