10 Lines on My Hobby in English for All Class Students

We all have hobbies, and it’s a really important topic in the examination. Today we are going to share a few lines on my hobby. I hope you guys will love them. We are sharing lines in English for every class. You can pick one of them with your requirement.

10 Lines on My Hobby: Gardening – For Class 1, 2, 3

These lines on my hobby gardening are for student of class 1, 2, and 3. These are really simple and easy. Basic and primary level students can learn it easily. Gardening is a top hobby; lots of people love to do gardening.   1. We all have hobbies, I have one too. 2. My hobby is gardening. 3. I visited a cousin last year and saw her garden, from that time I love it. 4. I have my own garden in the backyard of our house. 5. It is small but very beautiful. 6. I have planted mostly flowers there. 7. It has almost 30 plants there. 8. It looks really amazing when the flowers show up. 9. My parents helped me a lot. 10. I love my garden very much.

10 Lines on My Hobby: Video Game – For Class 4, 5 

Video gaming is my hobby. Here are a few lines on this. These lines are selected for class 4 and 5. That level student can learn this easily. These lines are really simple and easy to learn.  

1. My hobby is a little different.

2. I love playing video games.

3. I spend most of my times playing this.

4. We have a PlayStation in our house. My elder brother brought it to me.

5. I love racing games mostly and I play about 5 racing games on the PlayStation.

6. Sometimes my mother stopped me while I play too much because it kills time.

7. In future, I want to become a game developer and want to develop games like these I play.

8. Video gaming is a time-killing machine, so everyone should be aware of this.

9. It could waste all of your time because it is too addictive.

10. Overall, I love playing video games too much. But I don’t waste my time and use my time properly.

10 Lines on My Hobby: Gardening – For Class 6, 7, 8

Follow these lines on hobby gardening for class 6, 7 and 8. These lines are really important.  

1. My hobby is gardening and I think it is a really good thing for human nature.

2. Gardening makes us really hard working and inspires us to do big works in the future.

3. Last year I was visiting my cousin house in Delhi, I found their home garden really amazing. I wanted to do a garden from then.

4. When I started making my own garden, my cousin helped a lot with giving proper information. My parents also helped me a lot.

5. My father brought every plant from the market and my mother helped me to seed them into the garden.

6. I chose the backyard of our house for making my garden. My father approved that and let me do a garden there.

7. I wanted to grow flowers at first. But when I found amazing growth of plants, I planned to plant some vegetables too.

8. Now I have 20 different types of vegetables and flowers in my garden.

9. It is a thing that I proud about. Lots of my friends visit my house to see my garden.

10. I want to make my garden larger. I love spending my time there. In the afternoon, I seat there with a chair and read books. The flowers give me really good feelings.

10 Lines on My Hobby: Book Reading – For Class 9, 10

These lines on book reading are really important for class 9 and 10. You can learn these lines easily because they are really simple. Book reading is a really important thing in our life. It helps us to grow and learn more and more.  

1 My hobby is book reading. I love to read books always.

2. In my leisure time, I only read books to pass that time.

3. I feel really well when I read a good book. I consider books as my best friend.

4. Books are our best friend because they will never leave us alone. Books help lots to keep anxiety and loneliness away.

5. Book reading has so many users and we all need to read a minimum of two books a month. Though, I read two books in a week.

6. My favorite book name is ‘Robinson Crusoe’ by Daniel Defoe. He is such a great writer. I have been a diehard fan of him after reading this awesome novel.

7. I suggest all of my friends and family members read books. I am really privileged that I have grown on a family that loves book reading.

8. We have got a family library in our home. My father buys books every month and our library is getting bigger day by day.

9. Book reading opens a new world in front of us. It enriches our knowledge, thinking and makes us visionary. That’s why we need to read books regularly.

10. I love reading books and I will keep reading. I suggest you too read books.  

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