10 Lines on My Favourite Teacher in English

In our student’s life, we all have a special teacher that we like most and he is our favorite teacher. We’ve already published a paragraph on my favorite teacher. Here I will show you 10 lines on my favorite teacher that you are looking for.
Our teachers have the most important role in student life, they help to build our character, study and so many things and the most special one is our favorite teacher. So let’s see a few lines on favorite teachers.

10 Lines on My Favourite Teacher in English for Class 1, 2, 3

#1 Teacher is the best guide in our life to get better character and become a better human being.

#2 Sheema Patel is my favorite teacher in school life.

#3 She is a wonderful lady with so many types of talents.

#4 She loves to take care of us in class and she never yells at us if we do any mistake.

#5 She is very friendly, she never comes rude.

#6 She is very punctual and never misses her class. She arrives in class a few minutes ago.

#7 Sheema madam is an inspiring character.

#8 She inspires us to stay motivated always.

#9 She always encourages us to participate in the school’s curricular activities.

#10 We love her so much and she loves us too.

10 Lines on My Favourite Teacher for Class 4, 5, 6, 7

#1 Mr. Morshed Kamal is my favorite teacher in the school.

#2 He is our class teacher.

#3 He teaches us English and he is a very smart English speaker.

#4 He is the smartest teacher in the whole school.

#5 He loves to sport a lot and even plays cricket with us sometimes.

#6 Kamal sir is a guy with so many types of talents.

#7 He used to sing the song in the class for us.

#8 He is a great teacher indeed, I think he has the best teaching skill ever.

#9 He inspires us to be a better human and helps to be a better student.

#10 We all love him very much.

10 Lines on My Favorite Teacher for Class 8, 9, 10

1. My name is Shaun and I am a student of class nine. My class teacher is Mrs. Davidson.

2. She teaches us English and she is a very good, hard-working teacher in the school.

3. With her awesome personality and charming behavior, she has been most of our favorite teacher in the school. Yes, I consider her as my favorite teacher ever.

4. She has lots of advance qualities that other average teachers don’t have and that is why she is so front of them.

5. She is kind and soft. Till now she has never been mad or rude at any student ever in the class.

6. We are impressed with her teaching ability and method. She has some amazing skills that let us understand every lesson clearly.

7. I never miss her any class. Though I miss anyone she is so kind that she give spare time for everyone after the school hour, if it needed.

8. She is one of the most successful teachers in the school.

9. I want to be like her in the future. I want to become a really good teacher.

10. We all love her so much and wish to have more teachers like her.

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